Cincinnati's Hollaender Manufacturing introduces glass infill panel railing system

January 20, 2009 |

CINCINNATI, Ohio (January 20, 2009) – Hollaender Manufacturing is pleased to announce the availability of a new low cost glass infill panel railing system. The panels are made of 3/8 inch thick tempered glass and are designed to work with Hollaender’s Speed-Rail® and Interna-Rail® aluminum handrail systems. They are attached to the handrail using a two-piece panel mounting clip.

The glass panels are an extension to Hollaender’s line of metal infill panels, and give builders and architects additional design options when using Speed-Rail or Interna-Rail railing systems. They are cost-effective and easy-to-install, yet structurally strong and secure.

Hollaender’s panel clips are made of durable and corrosion resistant anodized aluminum. They hold the glass panels firmly in place from the top and bottom, eliminating downward sagging or slippage of the panel. The top/bottom clip feature also eliminates the need to drill safety holes in the sides of the glass, further reducing material and installation costs.

Optional substrates and finishes are available, including clear anodized aluminum, dark bronze anodized aluminum and powder coated finishes that can be color matched. The panels can be mixed and matched with other ornamental infill panels using the same aluminum frame and panel clip system.

About Hollaender Manufacturing

Hollaender is a manufacturer and marketer of aluminum structural pipe fittings, aluminum pipe, and infill panels, as well as final assemblies that use these components. These components are used in the design and build of handrail, guardrail and safety rail systems as well as a wide variety of unique modular pipe and fitting based structures for commercial, residential, public works and industrial applications, as well for retail store fixtures and other structural applications. Hollaender also offers consultation, design, and project management services.


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