Carlisle Energy Services introduces SpectroFlex Solar PV System for single-ply roofing

March 05, 2009 |

Carlisle, Pa. – Carlisle Energy Services, a new division of Carlisle Construction Materials, now offers SpectroFlex, a unique photovoltaic system for the commercial roofing industry that combines amorphous silicon, thin-film PV laminates with time-tested single-ply roofing membranes.  Featuring an extremely low profile that provides superior wind resistance and durability, these lightweight and flexible PV laminates are ideal for use in high wind and hail zones. SpectroFlex PV laminates can be used on flat, steep or curved roof surfaces, as well as other unique applications where traditional rooftop PV systems are not suitable.

Based on amorphous silicon (a-Si), the SpectroFlex PV system uses new technology that results in a PV material that is up to 100 times thinner than conventional solar cells. This durable, yet lightweight PV system performs efficiently in low-light and low-temperature areas where traditional PV systems often fall short.

Void of any glass, SpectroFlex PV is ideal for windy cities, hurricane and hail zones and reduces the potential for weather damage and reoccurring rooftop maintenance that are typically associated with traditional solar panels. Providing increased ease of application, SpectroFlex PV modules can be applied to most roof surfaces.

About Carlisle Energy Services

Carlisle Energy Services, a new division of Carlisle Construction Materials provides rooftop photovoltaic (PV) systems for the commercial roofing market. From PV arrays and combiner boxes to inverters and monitoring systems, Carlisle Energy Services offers a variety of comprehensive systems for superior rooftop energy production. Carlisle PV systems incorporate technologies from leading-edge PV suppliers such as United Solar Ovonics and Solyndra, and are back by nearly a half-century of commercial roofing experience.

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