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The Peloton Wars, Part III - More alternatives for apartment building owners

Multifamily Housing

The Peloton Wars, Part III - More alternatives for apartment building owners

Rob Cassidy | November 8, 2019
ProForm Studio Bike Pro

Reviewer Elyse Betters-Picaro gives high marks to the ProForm Studio Bike Pro ($999) as her best buy for alternatives to Peloton. Photo: ProForm

The other morning I had a pleasant tour with architect Ken DeMuth of Pappageorge Haymes Partners and Nick Vittore, VP of Real Estate, Svigos Asset Management, the developer of the reconstructed Motley School, one of the 49 K-12s that were decommissioned by the Chicago Public Schools several years ago. (Svigos also did the lovely Mulligan School conversion, which I wrote about in September 2019.) In a future blog I'll have more about Motley. ("More about Motley"? Sounds like the opening line of a Sondheim ditty that got cut in New Haven.)

Anyway, Nick mentioned that he, too, was told by Peloton that they would no longer be selling their exercycles to apartment building developers and owners. I mentioned our previous report, listing several excellent alternatives nominated by Ed Oswald of www.digitaltrends.com.

More recently (September 29, 2019), , writing for Business Bargain Hunter, recommended the NordicTrack Commercial S221 Studio Cycle ($1,999) and the Echelon Smart Connect EX3 ($900).



But Betters-Picaro's top pick was the ProForm Studio Bike Pro. Here's what she said about this $999 package: "It's about $1,300 cheaper than the Peloton and still comes with a 10-inch screen and a free year of live workouts. The trainers can also control your resistance, but not your incline, like with the S22i. The seat and handlebars are all adjustable, too. Honestly, this is probably the best value you can get for a Peloton-like cycling experience."

There you go, Nick. There is life after Peloton for your tenants.



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