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Green innovation in the construction industry

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Green innovation in the construction industry

Jeff Alexander | March 19, 2019

As concern for climate change and dwindling natural resources increases, there has been a global shift in the construction industry. Sustainable design is being applied to save energy and conserve finite resources while protecting air and water quality. Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings is at the forefront of green innovation.

We are working to remove hazardous materials from coatings, including lead, cadmium, and hexavalent chromium, utilizing manufacturing techniques that protect air and water quality, and using recycled and biorenewable ingredients. Our solar-reflective coatings even help reduce energy costs while conserving resources.

Although individual companies can make a difference, collaboration is crucial for creating the most significant impact. Manufacturers, architects, owners, builders, and organizations are working together to find solutions.

Sherwin-Williams is going beyond merely complying with regulations by actively aligning itself with organizations that create standards and rating systems that conserve natural resources and create a cleaner world. Our coating experts sit on technical committees and work with pioneers in the sustainability movement including American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) International, Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC), Leadership in Energy and  Environmental Design (LEED), and Energy Star.

Our green agenda helps create a more stable climate while meeting rigorous performance and aesthetic standards.

Want to learn more about how Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings can help your next project meet a green rating system or environmental goals? Contact our metal coil experts today!

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