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Driven by Sustainability, Built to Suit Educational Needs

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Driven by Sustainability, Built to Suit Educational Needs

Kawneer offers a comprehensive product portfolio to enhance school efficiency by providing sustainable architecture, natural light and occupant comfort.

By Kawneer | August 17, 2022
Driven by Sustainability, Built to Suit Educational Needs

A significant challenge educators face is how to enhance learning. In school buildings, this can be achieved by creating well-lit and ventilated environments with excellent thermal performance and acoustics. As a global leader in architectural aluminum building solutions, Kawneer has a comprehensive product portfolio that enhances school efficiency by providing the perfect balance of natural light, occupant comfort, resilience and uninterrupted views.

Teaching the next generation is key for the future. Kawneer is dedicated to reducing its environmental impact by providing sustainable solutions for the education sector and empowering architects and designers to build sustainable buildings that reduce energy costs and positively impact the built environment.

Driven by Sustainability, Built to Suit Educational Needs


A Masterclass in Sustainability

Kawneer recognizes the environmental impacts throughout the product lifecycle and provides complete product transparency through a range of industry standards. Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), Kawneer Material Transparency Summaries (MTS), the Cradle to Cradle Certified® Products Program and Declare labels are a testament to Kawneer’s commitment to sustainability. The latest EPD renewal confirmed that over the last five years, Kawneer has lowered its carbon footprint across many products. This is an encouraging achievement that sets the precedent for the future.

Driven by Sustainability, Built to Suit Educational Needs


Fayetteville High School - Rebuilt from the Ground Up

Fayetteville High School is a great example of how Kawneer’s solutions advance learning. The main entrance was repositioned to create a more attractive, visible entry into the high school and the open floor plan allows an abundance of natural light to enter the building. The interior is illuminated by 28,000 –square feet of curtain wall and 14,000 –square feet of storefront glass, creating an open, naturally lit design that promotes a healthy environment for students, teachers, staff and visitors.

Several Kawneer products were used, such as the 1600 Wall System®1 Curtain Wall, 350 Medium Stile Standard Entrance and Versoleil® SunShade - Outrigger System for Curtain Wall. Kawneer solutions, along with recycled building materials and energy-efficient environmental-control systems, contributed to the school building achieving LEED Gold®-certified status.  

Visit kawneerk-12sustainability.com

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