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Clearly Committed to Product Transparency

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Clearly Committed to Product Transparency

Clearly Committed to Product Transparency

Over the past five years, Kawneer has lowered its carbon footprint across all products. We can provide environmental credentials in the form of EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations) and Declare labels.

An EPD quantifies and demonstrates the environmental performance of products throughout the entire lifecycle. EPDs reflect the continuous environmental improvement of products and services over time and can communicate and quantify relevant environmental information along a product's supply chain.

Providing EPDs positively impacts sustainability and well-being and highlights Kawneer’s responsible manufacturing processes. As a responsible manufacturer, Kawneer continuously optimizes products by measuring their impact on the planet and providing evidence to support our sustainability commitment.

Clearly Committed to Product Transparency

In addition to EPDs, Kawneer has partnered with the International Living Future Institute in their Living Building Challenge (LBC) which emphasizes the use of Red List Free materials to create Declare labels for our most sustainable and popular products. Kawneer voluntarily discloses product information on these easy-to-read labels. Declare labels list materials, assembly locations, life expectancy and end-of-life options, and are trusted by architects, engineers and designers to meet the requirements stipulated in the LBC. We recently added the 1620 and 1620 UT Curtain Wall Framing Systems to this list.

By simplifying how complex product information is presented and communicated to architects, engineers and designers, Kawneer enables the creation of buildings that truly support human and environmental health. Architects, engineers and designers can specify the most sustainable material options for their projects and be confident that their buildings create a positive environment for the next generation.

Kawneer will continue to champion sustainability through product transparency and deliver value-engineered solutions enabling resilient architectural designs of tomorrow.

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