Best AEC Firms to Work For - Rules and Regulations

January 17, 2006 |

Competition Rules and Guidelines

1. Your entry must reflect practices across the entire firm, not just individual offices, divisions, or departments

2. Only factors over which the firm has control will be given consideration by the judges. For example, claiming that your firm is a great place to work because it is “located in a temperate climate” would not count. However, if you had a policy to “locate all firm offices near public transit” to encourage use of rail or bus by your employees, that would be of interest (especially if the firm also subsidized those employees who used public transit).

3. This awards program does not recognize routine practices related to compensation or benefits. We assume that you pay your people fairly and offer reasonable benefits. We’re looking for what you do beyond the ordinary, and what impact such efforts have in creating a better work environment for your employees. Therefore, to be chosen, your firms has to be “the best” at employee relations, not “routine.”

4. “Best Firms to Work For” is not a design, engineering, or construction competition. It is about your internal environment, and only implicitly about your work product. Therefore, it is not necessary to submit a portfolio of your firm’s work, unless it illustrates a key point in your entry.

5. Your firm does not have to be the best in every category to be recognized. Therefore, you don’t have to tell us about every item in the suggested checklist. Concentrate on what you do well—what makes your firm stand out.

6. Remember, if more than 50% of your firm’s revenue is derived from single-family or civil engineering, your firm may not be eligible. Exception: A homebuilding or civil engineering firm with a completely separate commercial division may be eligible, provided the commercial division follows the same HR policies as the main firm.

7. The selected firms will be featured as case studies in BD&C’s April 2006 issue. Winners will not be ranked.

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