Bentley Navigator Mobile

February 20, 2013

The Navigator Mobile app provides powerful review capabilities for AEC models and documents on mobile devices to intuitively navigate 3D models and documents. Users can immersively review 3D BIM models anywhere, online or offline.


Navigator utilizes mobile i-models, which can include content from virtually any common AEC design application. Mobile i-models can be generated using Navigator Mobile Publisher and can access i-models and documents through ProjectWise Explorer Mobile, cloud services, and iTunes.


Navigate in 3D using "game like" touch gestures to walk, fly, and zoom, or analyze objects in the model by reviewing the properties of a selected object, query to find similar objects, or filter to display only objects that match specific properties.

  • Navigate AEC models in 3D
  • Interactively query objects properties
  • Measure distances and objects
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