Zaha Hadid to help plan new London-area airport hub

Team will evaluate short-listed proposals for £75 to £80 billion project.

February 22, 2013 |
Hub airport for southeastern England would take pressure off overburdened Heathr

The Mayor of London has appointed Zaha Hadid Architects to help create a major new airport in southeastern England. Atkins and Pascall+Watson will cooperate in creating the proposal for aviation around the capital. The mayor labeled the aggregation a "world-class team of experts" and requested a plan to examine where to build a multi-runway hub airport. Opposition is expected from some officials who would prefer to expand Heathrow Airport.

Says Hadid, "This work is essential to deliver the most integrated transport solutions for London and the U.K. It will enable London to maintain its position as one of the world's most important economic, commercial, and cultural centers, outlining the city's future growth and development, which has always been founded on global connectivity."

Other members of the planning team include Ramboll, Oxford Economics, York Aviation, Professor Peter Tyler (University of Cambridge), Ernst and Young, and Ashurst.

About 15 different proposals for a hub airport have already been made public and considered. The new team will produce detailed feasibility studies of shortlisted options.


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