Winners named in 'reinventing Paris' competition

Architects submitted projects that redeveloped key parts of the city and incorporated green space features.

February 09, 2016 |
Winners named in “Reinventing Paris” competition

Created by Sou Fujimoto Architects, Mille Arbres includes a glass structure that tapers upward with trees lining its roof. The mixed-use development will contain apartments (including social housing), offices, and a community center. Rendering: DR

In late 2014, the Reinventing Paris design competition was launched, and this week the 23 winning projects were announced.

The competition invited some of the world’s top architects to submit environmentally friendly urban designs for the French capital. Design firms teamed up to redevelop specific areas of the city, from old bath houses to defunct subway stations, and they incorporated green spaces, like rooftop gardens or terraces, into their work.

“We are launching this call for innovative urban projects in order to prefigure what the Paris of tomorrow might be,” Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris, said in a statement. “Each team is invited to present its ideas on how to bring added vitality to exceptional Parisian sites. The winners will then be able to purchase or rent the terrains in order to carry out their projects while simultaneously conducting an urban experiment on an unparalleled scale.”

Both Dezeen and The Guardian highlighted some of the more innovative projects. All winners can be seen here.


NOC42. Photo: AR Architecture, via Dezeen

Realimenter Massena. Photo: DGT Architects, via Dezeen

In Vivo. Photo: Xtu Architectes, via Dezeen

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