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This will become the first carbon-neutral social housing project in Italy

Barreca & La Varra designed the project.

August 02, 2019 |

Renderings courtesy Barreca & La Varra, Wolf Visualizing Architecture

C40 Reinventing Cities, a competition that is part of Milan’s strategic plan to transform underused railway areas on the site of a former freight terminal, recently selected L’INNESTO as its winning project.

The L’INNESTO project area spans 62,000 sm and comprises three parts: the former railway station next to the Greco-Pirelli station, a green area on Via Breda Street, and an abandoned track overlooking the west of theBicocca district.

Upon completion, L’INNESTO will be Italy’s first carbon-neutral social housing project. The project will use a fourth generation district heating system connected to the neighborhood and powered by on-site renewable sources. With a target of 60% green space, L’INNESTO will limit space for cars and prioritize bike parking, electric car charging terminals, and a shared neighborhood car fleet. The design also includes a Human Adaptive Zone, a collaborative neighborhood with an agricultural heart. Rainwater will be 100% reused, which will save 30% on drinking water consumption. 15% of wastewater is treated directly on site.



The project’s CO2 balance sheet takes into account the construction and the following 30 years of management. L’INNESTO has been designed to achieve a zero balance throughout its life cycle.

The project was proposed by a team including: Fondo Immobiliare Lombardia, InvestiRE SGR (manager), Barreca & La Varra (architect and landscape design), Arup Italia (urban and environmental design), and Stantec (site remediation, wastewater and rainwater management).

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