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Trim-Tex expansion products in the hospitality industry

Trim-Tex expansion protection products have been used in such high-profile projects as the JW Marriott and the Kohler Lodge in Green Bay.

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December 11, 2017 |

High volume, high turnover, guest comfort and expectations: architects designing for the hospitality industry face some unique challenges. Fortunately, they have an optimal partner in Trim-Tex, whose durable, attractive, cost-effective finishing solutions help maintain the integrity of an architect’s original design over the entire life of a building, even in high traffic spaces subjected to all the pressures of professional hospitality.

Vinyl beads are a perfect fit for hotels: they allow the client to build an elegant, beautiful aesthetic without blowing their budget on expensive, labor-intensive custom upgrades. Even more important, however, is vinyl’s flexibility and durability. Vinyl beads offer excellent protection against impact and expansion, both of which can cause unsightly cracking and incur unnecessary repair costs.

Products like Trim-Tex Deflection Bead protect against building expansion (caused by environmental factors as diverse as humidity, temperature, and building movement). Installing these products during the building’s initial construction is a great investment that will save the client maintenance costs in perpetuity. That’s why Trim-Tex expansion protection products have been used in such high-profile projects as the JW Marriott (built in conjunction with the quarter-billion dollar Mall of America Expansion) and the Kohler Lodge in Green Bay (a four-diamond hotel in the Titletown District).



The same flexibility that allows vinyl to perform so well in expansion protection scenarios also makes it an excellent choice for corner protection. Vinyl beads like those produced by Trim-Tex offer the same basic impact protection for drywall edges as metal beads, but have the additional advantage of being dent-resistant. Where a hard impact can dent a metal bead, requiring expensive repairs even if the drywall is intact, Trim-Tex vinyl beads bounce back to their original shape. Even better, vinyl beads are available in a huge array of sizes and shapes, such as the Bullnose Splayed Corner Bead used in Chicagoland’s Oakbrook Mall or the flush corner guard system, Bumper Bead, at the Chicago Marriot Marquis.

Many of the Trim-Tex beads also make use of a special Tear-Away design that saves on labor and installation cost. The beads include a tear-off strip that protects the adjacent surface from compound and paint and is then easily removed to leave a perfectly clean, finished edge.

Trim-Tex products like these are designed to make beautiful buildings that will pass the test of time, maintaining their beauty for many years with minimal maintenance – a perfect solution for the demanding world of hospitality.


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