Seattle is home to first LEED-certified modular radiation center

By using modular construction and strategic site design, RAD Medical Systems built the first radiation center to receive LEED certification.

September 28, 2012 |
The facility combines a specialized therapy room or vault to house the TomoThe

The Swedish Cancer Institute (SCI) has embarked on a bold approach to rapidly restore community-based radiotherapy cancer treatment utilizing state-of-the-art building technology that is swift and green.

The patented factory fabricated radiotherapy treatment vault and clinic by RAD Technology Medical Systems (RAD) enabled SCI to cut traditional building schedules in half while constructing a facility in compliance with the USGBC’s LEED certification.

“Hospital facilities are perhaps one of the most difficult types of structures to make compliant with LEED criteria,” said RAD President John J. Lefkus III. “Maintaining health and equipment environmental standards can be in conflict with renewable and lean strategies. RAD has unique construction techniques that benefit projects through the extensive use of renewable construction materials and employs energy efficient mechanical systems.”

The use of modular construction, strategic site design elements, recycled materials, energy efficient design and a unique HVAC system contribute to the LEED rating of Silver. The project is also the first radiation center to achieve LEED certification.

The nearly 4,000-sf Seattle facility combines a specialized therapy room or “vault” to house the TomoTherapy treatment system with patient and clinical staff accommodations.

The building consists of prefabricated steel modules for the vault portion and prefabricated wood modules for the exam and office portion, all of which were assembled in an offsite factory and trucked to the site in order to expedite construction. The exterior materials of the building complement the existing medical campus to create a facility that is appropriately scaled within the surrounding residential neighborhood.

“With assistance from RAD, we found a way to blend our need for leading-edge technology, accelerated project delivery and our commitment to the community and environment in one package,” said Jim Yates, Administrative Director of the Swedish Cancer Institute.

For more information on the project, visit RAD Medical Systems.

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