5 hidden benefits of mass timber design

Mass timber is a materials and design approach that holds immense potential to transform the future of the commercial building industry, as well as our environment. 

Fire-Rated Products | Feb 3, 2015

AIA course: Fire and life safety in large buildings

Earn 1.0 AIA/CES learning units by studying this article and successfully completing the online exam.

Fire-Rated Products | Jan 23, 2015

A Clear Advantage: Evaluation Criteria for Visual/Performance Qualities of Fire-Rated Glass Ceramics

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Dec 30, 2014

First-class glass: Designing for fire safety in schools

As more students enter the school system each year, designing for fire safety in educational facilities has never been more critical. Fire-rated glazing can be a key part of the solution.

Bill O'Keeffe | Dec 11, 2014

Fire rated glass contributes to Salt Lake City Public Safety Building’s sustainable and resilient design goals

One of the most exciting new buildings to open its doors this year is the Salt Lake City Public Safety Building Salt Lake City, Utah. This $125 million, 335,000-sf facility blends sustainability and resiliency under one roof. SPONSORED CONTENT

Fire-Rated Products | Dec 11, 2014

Fire rated glazing provides visual appeal and safety to garages

When it comes to designing parking garages, providing vision and transparency might not be the priority due to fire rated code requirements – but keen architects with grand visions see opportunities rather than restrictions, thanks to the advances in fire rated glass and framing technology.

Bill O'Keeffe | Nov 19, 2014

Fire resistive, blast-resistant glazing: Where security, safety, and transparency converge

Security, safety and transparency don’t have to be mutually exclusive thanks to new glazing technology designed to support blast and fire-resistant secure buildings. SPONSORED CONTENT

Bill O'Keeffe | Oct 19, 2014

Innovation inspires and delivers new fire rated glass and framing products

Innovation is the engine of business success. Whether it’s the development of a brand-new product, a more efficient process or a novel way of serving customers, innovation helps distinguish a company from its competitors. SPONSORED CONTENT

Oct 16, 2014

Perkins+Will white paper examines alternatives to flame retardant building materials

The white paper includes a list of 193 flame retardants, including 29 discovered in building and household products, 50 found in the indoor environment, and 33 in human blood, milk, and tissues.

Oct 16, 2014

Mill Brook Elementary School colors outside the lines with creative fire-rated framing solution

Among the building elements contributing to the success of the elementary school’s public learning areas is a fire-rated stairwell that supports the school’s vision for collaboration. HMFH Architects designed the stairwell to be bright and open, reflecting the playful energy of students. SPONSORED CONTENT

Oct 13, 2014

SAFTI FIRST introduces the largest fire resistive multilam, fire resistive butt-glazed assemblies, new fire resistive aluminum framing, and fire resistive curved glass make-ups

SAFTI FIRST, leading USA-manufacturer of advanced fire rated glass and framing systems, recently debuted new products at the GlassBuild Show in Las Vegas and the CSI Construct Show in Baltimore.