5 hidden benefits of mass timber design

Mass timber is a materials and design approach that holds immense potential to transform the future of the commercial building industry, as well as our environment.Ā 

Fire-Rated Products | Bill O'Keeffe | Jul 19, 2017

London fire shines spotlight on fire prevention, protection and education

As shocking as the Grenfell Tower fire was, it is not an isolated incident.

Fire-Rated Products | Jun 13, 2017

Fire resistive glass floors make a dramatic statement in Nashvilleā€™s historic neighborhood

SAFTIĀ FIRSTĀ supplied a single glass unit comprised of non-slip rated Starphire tempered laminated Glass with 1/8ā€ Non-Skid White DotsĀ from Oldcastle insulated to custom SuperLite II-XL fire resistive glazing.

Fire-Rated Products | Bill O'Keeffe | Jun 13, 2017

Hidden risks and costs of using sprinklers as an alternate to 1-2 hour fire resistive glazing

The ASTM E-119 test is the most stringent and most difficult test to pass for all fire rated glazing assemblies.

Jun 5, 2017

Fire-rated frames deliver the natural look of wood

The TimberLine Series pairs a high-strength steel subframe with a wood-veneered metal cover cap to produce a slender fire-rated frame.

Apr 7, 2017

Fireframes TimberLineā„¢ Series by TGP

Fireframes TimberLineā„¢ Series fire-resistive frames pair a high-strength steel sub-frame with real-ā€¦
Fire-Rated Products | Bill O'Keeffe | Mar 22, 2017

Fire resistive glazing systems provide architects, owners and envelope consultants assurance of documented performance

It may look like a regular window, but these advanced fireĀ resistiveĀ glazing systems are recognized in the code as transparent walls because of its ability to block smoke, flames and significantly limit the passage of dangerous radiant heat.

Feb 27, 2017

FireLiteĀ® Fire-rated Ceramic Glass from TGP

FireLiteĀ® Fire-rated Ceramic Glass from TGP Clear & wireless fire-rated glass with fire ratingsā€¦
Nov 10, 2016

Fire-rated glazing replaces drywall partition to transform ā€˜almost unusableā€™ space into a ā€˜showstopperā€™

The space, which the firm hoped to use as a gathering place for employees and clients, had no access to daylight.Ā 

Fire-Rated Products | Bill O'Keeffe | Nov 10, 2016

Truly transparent: Fire resistive butt-glazed walls up to 2 hours

SuperLite II-XLM is a fire resistive multi-laminate glass product that meets ASTM E-119/UL 263/NFPA 251 and CAN/ULC S101 up to 2 hours.

Fire-Rated Products | Nov 3, 2016

Fire rated switchable glass provides privacy and fire protection at the University of Chicago Medical Center

The University of Chicago Hospital Group reached out to Bill Zientarski of Hi-Performance Glazing Solutions and SAFTIĀ FIRSTā€™s architectural representative in Illinois for a solution that combined vision, privacy and fire protection in one glazed unit.