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Modular Building

Building with shipping containers not as eco-friendly as it seems

With millions of shipping containers lying empty at ports around the world, it may seem like repurposing them to construct buildings would be a clear environmental winner. The reality of building with shipping containers is complicated, though, and in many cases isn’t a net-positive for the environment, critics charge, according to a report by NPR's Chloe Veltman.

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Modular Building Design and Modular Building Architecture

A compilation of Modular Building Design and Modular Architecture news, trends, case studies, whitepapers and projects for the Modular Building Team

Modular Building | Jul 22, 2016

PNC Bank’s 'Tiny Branch' opens on West Virginia University campus

The new branch doesn’t need much space for its ATM and new accounts and personal loans services.

Transit Facilities | Jun 12, 2016

Philippines’ oldest city getting its first public bus system

New York-based CAZA designed the modular bus stops with the city’s extreme weather conditions in mind.

Modular Building | May 17, 2016

Oklahoma’s first modular hotel will begin construction next month

Guerdon Modular Buildings will produce 81 modules for this project. 

Modular Building | Feb 26, 2016

CHPS releases new program, first model for prefab modular classrooms

Provides standards for indoor air quality, energy efficiency, materials, and waste management.

Game Changers | Feb 5, 2016

Asia’s modular miracle

A prefab construction company in China built a 57-story tower in 19 days. Here’s how they did it.  

Game Changers | Feb 4, 2016

GAME CHANGERS: 6 projects that rewrite the rules of commercial design and construction

BD+C’s inaugural Game Changers report highlights today’s pacesetting projects, from a prefab high-rise in China to a breakthrough research lab in the Midwest.

Modular Building | Feb 1, 2016

Hotel developers turn to modular construction to meet demand

A $90 million rebuilding project in Yellowstone National Park exemplifies this trend.

Jan 14, 2016

How to succeed with EIFS: exterior insulation and finish systems

This AIA CES Discovery course discusses the six elements of an EIFS wall assembly; common EIFS failures and how to prevent them; and EIFS and sustainability.

Modular Building | Dec 13, 2015

Undaunted, Forest City pushes ahead on modular construction

The president of its FC Modular division says new projects are under consideration, even as competitors falter or fall by the wayside. 

Greenbuild Report | Dec 1, 2015

Data centers turn to alternative power sources, new heat controls and UPS systems

Data centers account for 2% of the nation’s electricity consumption and about 30% of the power used annually by the economy’s information and communications technology sector, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

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