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Top 10 indoor amenities in multifamily developments for 2019

Top 10 indoor amenities in multifamily developments for 2019

Rob Cassidy | September 3, 2019

Compact washer/dryer combo. Courtesy Whirlpool.

For some strange reason we failed to include “Washer/Dryer in Unit” in our 2017 Amenities Survey. What a boo-boo! So we added that to our 2019 Amenities Survey.

Turns out 3 of 4 respondents (75.1%) in our 2019 Amenities Survey said they had installed washers and dryers in their residential units. “Washer/Dryer in Unit” was #1 in the Top 10 Indoor Amenities for 2019.

We missed another item in 2017—tankless water heaters. A third of all respondents (33.2%) said they had put these energy- and water-saving systems in their apartment, condominium, and townhome communities in the last 24 months.

Beverage service of some sort also appears to be a popular “indoor” amenity. Nearly half of respondents to this question (47.0%) supplied coffee. When you add a couple of items that slipped by us in 2017—wine bars (16.5%) and juice bars (14.0%), looks like most multifamily residents are getting caffeinated, inebriated, or juiced up.



Want a PDF of the MULTIFAMILY Design+Construction “Amenities Survey 2019”? Download the full report (short registration required).

I welcome your comments and thoughts on the 2019 survey: rcassidy@sgcmail.com.

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