Wind turbines will help power massive Syracuse mall

October 25, 2007 |

Destiny USA announced today that, in continuation of its efforts to generate on-site power, it will be installing sixteen 5 kW wind turbines in the auxiliary parking lot on the corner of Hiawatha Boulevard and Solar Street. The eight-foot turbines will be mounted on top of 16 existing light poles in the parking lot, and, at wind speeds of 10-15 mph, will produce between 64,000-84,000 kW hours of clean renewable wind energy, offsetting the need for traditional power sources by over 30%.

“We have made a commitment that Destiny USA will be 100% fossil-fuel free and energy efficient,” said Robert Congel, founder and chairman of Destiny USA. “Our goal is to drive global awareness about sustaining our environment. Destiny USA is installing this particular wind turbine technology as a way to visibly communicate that there are multiple ways to meet the green goals set for this project.”

Destiny USA engaged Tangarie Energy, a renewable energy service company, for this project because of their unique drill-bit shaped wind turbines that function at wind speeds as low as 4 mph.

“It is our belief that our clients should be empowered to determine their own energy future while also improving the quality of our air and water,” said John Besold a principle at Tangarie Energy. “We are excited about the opportunity to showcase this technology and help Destiny USA meet its aggressive renewable energy goals.”

The 5 kW turbines produce enough electricity to power more than six average homes for one year and reduce excess carbon emissions by 67 tons annually.

The manufacturing and installation of the turbines is expected to be completed by January 2008.

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