Want a high-performance hospital? Help is on the way

March 02, 2007 |

The Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems and Health Care Without Harm have released a new version of their highly popular green construction toolkit, the Green Guide for Health Care. Version 2.2 builds on GGHC's previous success as the first and only sustainable design toolkit tailored to the healthcare industry.

Improvements include:

Expanded attention to establishing a connection to the natural world within the hospital environmentMore comprehensive information on implementing water efficiency measuresGreater emphasis on both on- and off-site renewable energyIncreased measures for eliminating mercury throughout the buildingA holistic approach to creating comfortable acoustic and lighting design.

This is the third version of GGHC to be released and the first to be released outside of the pilot program. Previous versions have been downloaded by more than 10,500 people and used in 115 healthcare projects worldwide.

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