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“Inside” Valspar Episode 1 “Color”

In this new exclusive video series, we have a look "Inside" Valspar and take you behind-the-scenes…

“Inside” Valspar Episode 2 “Collaboration”

This episode of "Inside" Valspar focuses on the teamwork required - from the chemistry lab all the…

“Inside” Valspar Episode 3 “Confidence”

The conclusion of "Inside" Valspar illustrates how the company leverages three key values - speed,…


Watch as Valspar announces WeatherXL as part of the Best of Metalcon 2013.

Valspar InspireME

  Valspar presents InspireME, an online experience to fuel your creativity.  

WeatherXL Crinkle Finish

Coating performance you can see and feel with WeatherXL Crinkle Finish. A unique textured…

Color Matters

Welcome to our world, where there is always a push for the new and the latest. As part of our …