USGBC promotes green schools

October 01, 2007 |

With the success of the LEED commercial construction and renovation program, the U.S. Green Building Council is all set to foster an increase in green K-12 schools.

To help educate and encourage construction firms, teachers, and administrators about the benefits of sustainable schools, the USGBC launched a Build Green Schools website earlier this month.

The site contains detailed facts about green building's effect on both students and teachers, how it saves money, and how to get started on such a project, as well as more information about their LEED for Schools program. According to the site, green schools, on average, save $100,000 a year, use 33% less energy, and reduce solid waste by 74%.

They also increase learning potential, reduce teacher absenteeism and turnover, and provide opportunities for hands-on learning. For more information, go to

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