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Top building products for December 2023

Products and Materials

Top building products for December 2023

Inpro Bond Roll-On Adhesive, Dekton Ukiyo fluted tiles, and the VanAir ventilated door are some of the top building products featured this month.

By BD+C Staff | December 28, 2023
Top building products for December 2023
Top 15 building products for December 2023

Building Design+Construction editors bring you the top building products for the month of December. Collected across a variety of building sectors, these products make roofing easy, advance sustainable building, and provide sleek looks.

From universal shower pans to ventilated doors, here are 15 products being used in the industry today.

December 2023 Top 15 Building Products

RS Storm-Resistant Combination Louvers

by Construction Specialties 

RS Storm-Resistant Combination Louvers
Photo courtesy Construction Specialties

The RS Storm-Resistant Combination Louvers are engineered to meet architects’ preference for horizontal louver blades while delivering the necessary storm resistance found in vertical louver blades. As a result of the pairing, the combination louvers can resist wind-driven rain and winds as high as 50 mph that can drive as much as eight inches of water per hour. Suitable for a lower-level application, the RS-5215 Storm-Resistant Louver has horizontal blades facing in a downward direction, obscuring vertical blades behind a horizontal front. Horizontal blades face upward on the RS-5225 Storm-Resistant Louver, and it is ideal for higher-level applications so viewers at street level won’t be able to see the vertical blades installed behind.

Universal Shower Pan

by Hydro Systems 

Universal Shower Pan
Photo courtesy Hydro Systems

The Universal Shower Pan by Hydro Systems is a 100% solid, non-porous surface that deters bacteria, mold, and mildew while resisting scratches and stains. Made from a proprietary solid surface material the company calls Hydroluxe SS—a blend of natural minerals and high-quality, man-made composites—a shower pan can be molded into any shape and size. Because it acts as a waterproof barrier, there is no need to waterproof the subfloor before installation, saving time and money.

MAPEI’s carbon-neutral product family


Collection of carbon-neutral products
Photo courtesy MAPEI

Specifiers, contractors, and homeowners can choose products that are fully offset through their entire lifecycle with the launch of the MAPEI family of carbon-neutral products. This carbon-neutral status is achieved by calculating a product’s carbon footprint and reducing it to zero through in-house efficiency measures paired with the acquisition of certified carbon credits in support of renewable energy and forestry protection projects. The family includes: Keraflex Super, Large Tile & Stone Mortar (white and gray), Light Mortar for Tile & Stone, Mapecem Quickpatch, Mapefer 1K, MAPEI Ultralite Mortar Zero, Planitop XS, Ultracolor Plus FA, and Ultraflex LFT.

Dekton Ukiyo fluted tiles

by Cosentino 

Ukiyo Umber Kitchen
Photo courtesy Cosentino

Created in collaboration with high-end interior and product designer Claudia Afshar, Dekton Ukiyo is inspired by Japanese and contemporary design and celebrates the art of minimalism. The textured collection comes in two fluting options: GV2 with groves set 25mm apart and measure 5mm wide and 3mm deep; and GV3 with groves set 11mm apart and are 4mm wide and deep. Both options come in tiles sized 17.7 inches by 118 inches. Especially designed for vertical cladding application, the ready-to-install fluted tiles are available in a matte finish and five existing Dekton colorways. 

Trap-Tee symmetrical metal roofing system

by McElroy Metal 

Trap-Tee metal seam
Photo courtesy McElroy Metal

Best suited for rectangular metal buildings and tilt-up warehousing, the Trap-Tee symmetrical metal roofing system is a site-formed, mechanically seamed system that measures 2 3⁄4-inches tall. This system has been designed to resolve the three major shortcomings of trapezoidal standing seam roof systems. Site forming eliminates end laps vulnerable to leaking over time, while the oversized seam and special clips dramatically increase wind uplift capacity and the symmetrical design allows for easy repair or alteration after the roof is installed. It is available with a Sherwin-Williams PVDF Fluropon coating.

Qwel Designer Acoustic Wall Tiles

by Genesis Products 

Qwel Wall Tiles
Photo courtesy Genesis Products

With the introduction of Qwel Designer Acoustic Wall Tiles, designers now have a complete, complementary acoustic solution for walls and ceilings. The wall tiles can be mixed and matched to achieve unique designs using the offered rectangle, square, and hexagon shapes in sizes ranging from 4–24 inches. Made from 100% non-woven PET fibers and up to 50% recycled materials, the wall tiles naturally manage sound without chemical after-treatments and are 100% recyclable. The washable tiles are stain-, mold-, and mildew-resistant and feature a Class A rating for fire and smoke.

Combined lead and PFOA/PFOS filter

by Zurn Elkay Water Solutions 

Combined lead and PFOA PFOS filter
Photo courtesy Zurn Elkay Water Solutions

The 2,250-gallon WaterSentry 71300C filter reduces lead, PFOA, and PFOS within drinking water and can be integrated into Elkay bottle filling stations and faucets for schools, hospitals, airports, and other commercial and residential applications. Utilizing highly engineered activated carbon to absorb contaminants, the filter can reduce cysts, Class I particulates, and chlorine taste and odor from drinking water as well under NSF/ANSI 42 and 53. For ease of maintenance, the 71300C filter is equipped with a quick-disconnect, ¼-turn installation and an automatic inlet shut-off valve that closes when the filter is removed. 

Caesarstone Time Collection

by Caesarstone 

Caesarstone Time Collection
Photos courtesy Caesarstone

Caesarstone Mineral represents a new generation of surfaces created with advanced sustainable manufacturing and materials, and the Time Collection is the first to launch under the portfolio with three contemporary designs that draw inspiration from quartzite and marble. Providing versatile colors and patterns, 5113 Solenna, 5140 Dreamy Carrara, and 5310 Brillianza each bring together multiple design elements while making a statement. These premium low silica sustainable surfaces deliver the same durability, performance, and aesthetic as quartz while reducing the crystalline silica content of the surfacing material to less than 40 percent.

PAC-CLAD Board and Batten wall panel system

by Petersen, a Carlisle Company 

Board and Batten system
Photo courtesy Petersen, a Carlisle Company

Expanding the creative options for designers and specifiers of exterior cladding systems, the PAC-CLAD Board and Batten wall panel system provides a classic design aesthetic for residential and commercial wall applications. The ¾-inch depth and 2-inch width of the batten create dimensional interest while keeping trim offsets to a minimum, and concealed fasteners maintain clean lines and a rhythmic pattern of alternating wide vertical boards and narrower elevated battens. Offered in 24-gauge steel and .032 aluminum, panel widths available include 12 and 16 inches, and maximum lengths are 30 feet for steel and 22 feet for aluminum. The system can only be installed vertically.

MetalWorks Immix Blades and Linear panels

by Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions

Photo courtesy Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions

Part of the Armstrong Sustain portfolio, the MetalWorks Immix Linear panels and MetalWorks Immix Blades panels meet stringent industry sustainability compliance standards. The panelized torsion spring ceiling systems are also part of the Armstrong CleanAssure family of disinfectable products, and black acoustical infill panels hide the plenum in both lines for a noise reduction coefficient up to 0.95 as well as a clean, finished installation appearance. While both lines have a consistent ⅛-inch reveal end-to-end, the Immix Linear Blades panels feature a monolithic or open reveal linear look, and the Immix Blades panels achieve an open reveal linear look. 

Green-Lock Plus Membrane Adhesive

by The Garland Company 

Green-Lock Plus Membrane Adhesive
Photo courtesy The Garland Company

The Green-Lock Plus Membrane Adhesive can now display a unique U.S. Department of Agriculture Certified Biobased Product Label that highlights its percentage of biobased content, which is the portion of a product that comes from a renewable source, such as plant, animal, marine or forestry feedstocks. Administered through the USDA BioPreferred Program, the label aims to draw attention to biobased products and their ability to help address climate change through various means. The membrane adhesive contains zero VOCs, low odor, fast curing and can help projects meet sustainability goals or local requirements.

VanAir ventilated door

by VanAir Design 

VanAir ventilated door
Photo courtesy VanAir Design

When laundry closets in multifamily units are in less-than-ideal areas, like next to a kitchen or a living space, the door in front of it becomes an unsightly and noisy problem for occupants. This patented VanAir ventilated door features an integrated air channel that prevents air and sound from taking a straight path through the door. Instead, air and sound are channeled through a series of bends and absorptive material.



SAFTI Fence by SAFTI First
Photo courtesy SAFTI FIRST

Designed for building applications in high-fire-risk areas—especially those with grand views like coastal and mountainous regions—this clear, fire-rated glass fence system offers a one-hour fire rating and is tested to a 400-pound impact. Compared with traditional metal, PVC, or wood fencing, SAFTI Fence offers added security, fire protection, sound control, and even animal control. The U.S.-made system is available with glass options: laminated, decorative, colored, satin etched, and bird/animal friendly patterns.

VertiStack Clear Door

by Clopay 

 Clopay VertiStack Clear Door
Photo courtesy Clopay

The VertiStack Clear Door delivers a compact door with vertically stacking sections that take up minimal ceiling space or can be recessed and hidden from view entirely. Its streamlined aesthetic also extends to its engineering, with no hinges or exposed tracks and a smooth, quiet operation. While the door can help commercial environments embrace the natural environment when open, sunlight also filters in via the door’s panels, which are available in a range of options.

Inpro Bond Roll-On Adhesive

by Inpro 

 Inpro Bond Roll-On Adhesive
Photo courtesy Inpro

Inpro Bond Roll-On Adhesive is the first ever roller-applied adhesive in the building materials industry for rigid sheet wall protection, says the maker. The adhesive has an increased coverage rate over mastic adhesives by nearly 50%, allows for repositioning, and is compatible with all industry standard primers. It features a light-blue drying color, so contractors can see where they are applying adhesive during installation for an even application.


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