Time is money, so new tile was installed over old

February 01, 2001 |

To save time and money, the building team involved with the reconstruction of a mall in Texas elected to install new tile over a tired, existing tile floor.

Scheduling was important. Subcontractor Robert Scavone Jr. of Total Flooring Contractors, Coral Springs, Fla., said, "Large-scale night remodels, such as this one, are difficult because the building remains open to the public [and] the new floor must perfectly adjoin the existing storefront floors."

The flooring specialist selected a rapid-setting admixture for a thickbed mortar to go along with about 65 tons of rapid-setting thinset and a fortified grout for more than 140,000 square feet of porcelain tile, grey Mexican marble and Italgraniti porcelain in cream, black, red and green.


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