Sarnafil roofing system just what the doctor ordered

Sarnafil membrane now protects St. Johns Regional Medical Center in Oxnard, Cal

As any doctor knows, a band-aid sometimes just isn’t enough, and that was the case with the roof on the St. John’s Regional Medical Center in Oxnard, Calif.

After extensive repairs to a leaking roof assembly, it was determined in 2007 that the 170,000 sq. ft. built-up roof system had suffered significant water damage and a new roof system was needed. The answer was the EnergySmart Roof from Sika Sarnafil.

This highly sustainable vinyl roof system uses heat-welded seams to provide reliable, watertight protection. The white surface reflects the sun’s rays, which helps keep buildings cooler and reduces energy consumption related to air-conditioning.

DRI Commercial of Irvine, Calif., installed the fully adhered EnergySmart Roof using a 72 mil Sarnafil G410 feltback membrane, and without a single leak nor disruption to the medical center’s day to day operations.

This medical facility had experienced severe leaks for many years—even though that area of California was experiencing one its driest periods in history. The hospital’s Foundation Board knew they had to address the roof’s problems before they grew into even bigger headaches. However, they also had to find a solution that would not disrupt the operations of the 266-bed health care facility.

The initial response was to have DRI Commercial perform a cold process repair, believing that to be the best solution. However, after completing about 10% of the original $2,000,000 repair contract, the design and construction team discovered that much of the 22-inch thick perlite insulation had water damage, and there was no way of telling if any of the structure was also damaged.

DRI Commercial worked with the architectural firm RBB Architects Inc. of Los Angeles and with Independent Roofing Consultants of Santa Ana, Calif. A recommendation was made to do a total tear-off which included the roof and the perlite insulation. The removal of the insulation was key, because it would allow DRI Commercial to evaluate the deck, make any necessary repairs and also allow the roofing contractor to install a cellular lightweight concrete (CLWC) system that would provide equal or better insulating value.

The stucco parapet walls were an area of concern and considered a possible source of water intrusion. DRI Commercial was able to tear off about 10,000-sf of stucco, install gypsum board and then adhere the Sarnafil membrane, thereby providing a watertight solution from parapet wall to roof system. The company overcame many challenges, the most important of which was keeping the hospital running and watertight with no inconvenience to the patients or medical staff.

“The Sarnafil membrane was very adaptable in its ability to interface with the walls of the building. DRI Commercial was able to use the membrane to make transitions from new walls to side walls, even at odd angles. That’s something you can’t do with other roofing systems,” said Lynn Jardinico, a consultant with Independent Roofing.

Ryan Rodgers, project manager at Phoenix-based Kitchell Contractors, the general contractor on the job, said that “the new roof looks fabulous and very professional.” And the hospital interior is dry once again.

For more information, contact Jay Thomas, marketing director for Sika Sarnafil at 800-451-2504 or visit +

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