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Reconstruction Awards Entry Information

Reconstruction Awards Entry Information

Download a PDF of the Entry Information at the bottom of this page.

May 29, 2012

Reconstruction Awards Entry Information

The goal of the BD+C Reconstruction Awards is to find the best reconstructed, renovated, or remodeled projects, based on:

1) Overall design, engineering, and project quality + 2) Collaboration of the Building Team.

Here are some tips to help you win:

1.     Eligibility: Only projects completed between January 1, 2011, and August 3, 2012, are eligible.

2.     Entry deadline: Friday, August 3, 2012.

3.     Describe obstacles, challenges, issues, problems plus how your team solved them. How did the team attack the problems posed by the project? Any new approaches? Innovations? Remember, give results, both quantitative ($$$ saved, time saved, profitability, etc.) and qualitative (testimonials, quotes from a satisfied client, other “soft” evidence of success). Tell us what lessons you learned from the project.

4.     Show how you went beyond standard practice. Did your Building Team find an unusual solution to a problem? Tell us how you convinced a client to try an unusual technical solution. Our readers are interested in what’s new.

5.     Tell the “story” of the project. Winning projects should have a compelling story—getting a project built in record time, overcoming catastrophes, solving unexpected problems that come up in the course of the project. Yes, we want the technical details, but make sure the “human narrative” doesn’t get lost in your presentation.

6.     Let your images “sell” your entry. We get a lot of entries with great photos, diagrams, floor plans, etc., but with no explanation of how these photos or graphics support your case for winning. Important: Every photo and image should illustrate a key point about your project and include a caption explaining what’s being shown and why.

Photo/graphics format for 2012

You must put all your images into a PowerPoint file (at 72-dpi resolution) on a CD, with captions explaining what the photo or image illustrates. Why did you choose this photo? How does it advance your entry? Use your images to make your case and sell your project to the judges. You must also place a file containing all your images at high-resolution (300 dpi) on the same CD, along with the file of your Written Statement of Support (in Word or PDF format) and Project Information Sheet.

Note: DO NOT submit a binder with full-page printouts of your photos or images.


7.     Don’t be afraid to toot your horn. We presume you will not exaggerate, but the judges do need to justify their decision, and you have the most complete information about your project. So, let us know if the project has won other awards. Include press clippings, reprints, etc.

8.     You may supply financial information confidentially, if necessary. We understand that certain clients are sensitive about revealing financial details. Although we prefer to have all financial information included in the entry, if you have a situation where the client demands confidentiality, you may write “Confidential at Client Request” in the appropriate space on the entry form.

However, to be eligible, you must also send, under separate cover, a single copy of the financial information to: Robert Cassidy, Editor Director, BD+C, 3030 W. Salt Creek Lane, Ste 201, Arlington Heights, IL 60005; Phone: 847-391-1040; fax: 847-390-0408; rcassidy@sgcmail.com.
As BD+C’s editor, I promise to keep the details of this information confidential and will only supply “ranges” of information to the judges as needed to help in their deliberations. Should your project win, the financial information will not be published in BD+C. This procedure is necessary to ensure that we are fair to all entries and the judges have enough information to do their job.

9.     Put yourself in the judges’ shoes. Ask yourself: Have I made a compelling case for our project? Is there logic to the presentation? Is it readable? Is the type large enough? Did I make it easy for the judges to grasp our argument?

We’re not interested in fancy presentations. Use yellow marker to highlight key points. Point arrows to crucial details in drawings or photos. Underline key points. The judges have a lot of entries to review … make it easy for them to read yours.

Early bird entry: Submit a draft to Robert Cassidy (rcassidy@sgcmail.com) by Friday, July 20th, and we’ll review it and make suggestions for improvement.

10.  Entry fee: The Reconstruction Awards entry fee is $200.00.

Send CD with entry materials (PowerPoint presentation; separate file with hi-res images (300 dpi); Written Statement of Support (in Word or PDF format) and Project Information Sheet) by Friday, August 3, 2012 to:

Tim Gregorski
Building Design+Construction
3030 W. Salt Creek Lane, Ste. 201
Arlington Heights, IL 60005


We look forward to seeing your entry (or entries). Good luck!


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