Glass and Glazing | Aug 24, 2021

Smart glass innovations for smarter buildings

Researchers explore the use of ultrathin photodetectors and augmented reality thin films to expand smart building applications.

Glass and Glazing | Aug 20, 2021

Bigger windows, more glass: Efficient, safe, and inspiring [AIA course]

More than ever, openness and copious daylight remain among the most desirable characteristics for end-users in a range of building types. This means applying bigger openings, jumbo sizes, and more glass everywhere—including in ways that help improve energy performance, life safety and wellness, and overall quality of experience.

Building Envelope Building Enclosure Systems | Aug 10, 2021

Façade design for cost, performance, and delivery

The façade is one of the most important factors in shaping the overall aesthetics and performance…
75 Top Products | Dec 2, 2020

Top Glass and Glazing Products for 2020

Viracon's Thermal Spacer and YKK's YWW 50 TU Thermally Broken Window Wall are among the 7 new glass and glazing products to make Building Design + Construction's 2020 75 Top Products report.

Glass and Glazing | Nov 12, 2020

Fire Rated Glass Makes Visual Connectivity Possible, Beautiful and Affordable at Campus Housing

One of the architectural features that students love about the new 1,197-bed Quad on the…
Glass and Glazing | Oct 20, 2020

Retaining Fallingwater’s Iconic Connection Between Indoors & Outdoors

In September 2019, the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, owners of Frank Lloyd Wright’s…
Glass and Glazing | Sep 29, 2020

Glass helps Calgary Central Library convey collective and community

When it opened in 2018, the Calgary Central Library in Alberta, Canada, already was being…
Glass and Glazing | Sep 14, 2020

Is there really a glass box paradox?

Buildings are places which should promote the health, welfare and productivity of the people who work and live in them.

Glass and Glazing | Bill O'Keeffe Jul 16, 2020


"Revolutional, affordable, USA made Fire Rated Glazing for all fire protective areas makes ceramic glazing obsolete". Check out SuperClear 45-HS and SuperClear 45-HS-LI to understand why!

Glass and Glazing | Jul 14, 2020

Glass catalyzes transparency, connectivity and identity at University of Kansas Medical Center

By night, the University of Kansas (KU) Medical Center Health Education Building (HEB)…

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