June 01, 2003 |

Transformed energy

Thermal-efficient acrylic block window is designed to meet new stringent energy codes for commercial projects where solar heat gain is an issue. The Solar Block derives its energy efficiency from a microlayer of metal that is adhered to the inside surface of the block during the manufacturing process. The exterior side of the block is applied with coating, giving the block a slightly tinted look that helps deflect the sun's rays and lower the solar heat gain coefficient of the unit.


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Two three-story office/engineering buildings being leased by Yahoo! are clad with Formavue windows overlooking a plaza area between the buildings. The windows, which integrate with Formawall Dimension Series panels, create an energy-efficient building exterior system. The window system is weather-resistant and features a standard thermal break, which minimizes through-metal conductivity, maintaining structural integrity, says the maker.


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Venting to the outside

Windows which are visually frameless can be incorporated into storefront and curtainwall window systems in single- and multi-story buildings. Glassvents provide less exterior sight line buildup, which allows more design potential for architects. The windows adapt easily to retrofit applications, according to the maker, and accept infills of 1/4 in. and 1 in.


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Expanding invention

Princeton University's Frist Campus Center recently upgraded its windows as part of a $48 million renovation of the 92-year-old facility. The center, known as the historic site where Albert Einstein conducted his atom-splitting experiments, now features a 58-ft. tall glass and aluminum curtain wall with the university's logo directly etched into the glass. The SuperWall spans from floor to floor or across multiple floors and can be structurally glazed horizontally or vertically with a variety of glazing, vent, and entrance options.

Wausau Windows.

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Window defense

Pentagon Row, a mixed-use town center within sight of the U.S. Defense Department headquarters, is located on 18 acres in Arlington, Va., overlooking the Potomac River and the national monuments. Combining 300,000 sq. ft. of street-level restaurant and retail space with 504 mid-rise apartments above its retail pedestal, the project used 438 Series 6100 operating commercial aluminum casement windows, surrounded by an additional 1,583 Series 6100 fixed aluminum windows. All windows are insulated with low-e performance glazing in a 2-in. frame.

Graham Architectural Products.

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Fit to be framed

Aluminum window-framing system provides thermal isolation without an inserted plastic break. Thermal-Slot is an energy-efficient framing system that offers lower heat transmission, a higher condensation resistance factor, and 100 % structural integrity, says its maker.

Vistawall Architectural Products.

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See-through school

The Tootin' Hills Elementary School in West Simsbury, Conn., added a Media Center and art rooms with daylighting translucent window panels to save on lighting costs and bring natural daylight into the rooms. The panels are structural composite sandwich panels formed by permanently bonding fiberglass faces to a grid core constructed of structural composite I-beams. The panels are then laminated in a heat and pressure process, allowing a maximum of glare-free light into the spaces, while also reducing heating and air-conditioning costs.


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