Washington's first modular green roof stands the test of time

May 01, 2008 |

When the Washington State School for the Blind, Vancouver, Wash., built its Ogden Resource Center in June 2003, the school took a chance on a modular green roof system that had never been installed on a building in the state before. More than four and half years later, the vegetated roof is as lush and as green as ever.

The GreenGrid roof covers an area of approximately 6,640 sf. The modules were prefilled with lightweight growth media selected by GreenGrid and preplanted with drought-tolerant native vegetation selected by Terra Architecture, the building's Portland, Ore.-based design firm.

Terra specified the GreenGrid modular system because it could be installed faster than a conventional, built-in-place system, making it more cost effective. In addition, the system is more versatile—entire sections of the roof can easily be moved, enabling roof and mechanical maintenance as needed.


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