Signage and interior finishes

October 01, 2001 |


Interior finishes

Swedish message

A Michigan environmental graphic design firm developed the wayfinding system for the 3 million-sq.-ft. Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, Wash., to unify the 18-block campus.

Corbin Design.

Reader Service No. 204

A touch away

TouchPath, a line of touch-screen computerized directories and real-time information systems, serves as a wayfinding guide and information center for office buildings, hospitals, universities and government buildings. Tenant entry authorization, badge print features and building access from exterior monitor locations are all available.

2/90 Sign Systems.

Reader Service No. 206

Intelligent directions

An intelligent directional system for managing dynamic environments, Ariadne is used by hotels, conference centers, corporate training centers and other large meeting facilities for wayfinding. When tied with a booking system, it automatically updates time, activity and room assignments or can be updated manually by one person using a computer. A 40-in. plasma screen is the main welcome board, with subsidiary 15-, 10- and 6-in. networked screens.

ASI Sign Systems Inc.

Reader Service No. 203

Exit, center stage

Heavy-duty, angled, cast aluminum-framed exit sign with no sharp edges or corners deflects impact and is nearly impossible to grip so that it can't be damaged. The sign's face is manufactured of 3/8-in. impact-resistant polycarbonate. The Model 2040-70/77 sign was created to withstand abuse in institutional settings, such as schools, stadiums, prisons and parking garages.

Isolite Inc.

Reader Service No. 205

Metallic-look wall

To create the elegant atmosphere of the Abacus Restaurant in Dallas, Engstrom Design Group employed a water-based metallic finish system, Scuffmaster Solid Metal, which is protected with a polyurethane clear coat.

Master Coating Technologies.

Reader Service No. 212


A recyclable and recycled surfacing material in black or natural, Tefor is an alloy of manufacturing wastes of high-pressure laminates and chemically inert polypropylene that can be used for retail shelving, backsplashes and interior vertical cladding.

Abet Inc.

Reader Service No. 220

Laminate it

A laminated glass system made with polyvinyl butyral plastic interlayer is used in interior spaces. Available in more than 600 colors and nine designs, Advanced Laminate Systems merge color and design using pigments, not dyes.

Solutia Inc.

Reader Service No. 214

Around the block

The IceScapes line includes seven square, triangular, hexagonal and curving glass block shapes and sizes that are suitable for showers, bathroom dividers, radius walls and partition walls.

Pittsburgh Corning.

Reader Service No. 210

Concrete thought

Wallpaper provides the appearance of exposed concrete without requiring the time and expense of tearing down walls or pouring new ones.

Roc Inc.

Reader Service No. 216

Walls can talk

Presentation wallcoverings in silver, gold and bronze can be dry-erased. Walltalkers are suitable for restaurants, health clubs, office complexes and graphic design environments.


Reader Service No. 222

Healthy cover

A fiber-reinforced, roller-applied coating that eliminates seams and can handle heavy, pressured washdowns, the Series 273 Stranlok ML covers the walls in the 10 new heart surgery suites at St. Elizabeth's Medical Center in Utica, N.Y. Applied to drywall, it features a sturdy fiberglass-reinforcing mat that is embedded in a layer of tough epoxy.


Reader Service No. 215

Film at 11

A polyester film, the Fasara line covers interior glass partitions, doors and windows. Film provides privacy, increases protection from glass breakage and UV rays and improves aesthetics with an emulated etched or sandblasted appearance.


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