School specs roof board that will stand up to hail

November 01, 2007 |

The Maury County School District in Columbia, Tenn., was faced with replacing numerous roofs in the district that had received multiple applications and repairs during the past 20 years. The area had sustained a considerable amount of hail and the original roofing systems, which were installed without a cover board, had been damaged substantially over time.

“The hail had been so severe at some locations that the damage penetrated the roof membrane,” said Matt Fell, senior architect and shareholder with engineer SSOE. “Johns Manville's Invinsa Roof Board was presented to me as a possible cover board for the new system to protect the roofs from hail damage. Invinsa had the right density and characteristics for absorbing impacts, as well as the added benefit of being lightweight for ease of installation.”

Fell specified Invinsa for the 130,000-sf replacement roof on Columbia Central High School. The new roof consisted of mechanically fastened tapered and non-tapered JM ENRGY 3 polyisocyanurate insulation followed by ¼-inch Invinsa Roof Board and a fully adhered JM PVC-60 SR membrane. Fell said that the JM system not only provided the impact resistance required for the project, but also a good R-value, reflectivity, and a 20-year full system warranty from a single manufacturer. Fell said he likes using PVC on schools because of minimal installation odor and the ease of maintenance and repair.

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