Redding, Calif., office building gets wrapped in titanium

February 01, 2007 |

Perched atop a bluff on the Sacramento River in Redding, Calif., the Shasta Enterprises Office Building provides tenants with a beautiful view of Mount Shasta and the river valley below.

To provide the building with an architectural look as striking at the view, architect David Rogers with Nichols, Melberg & Rossetto Architects, Redding, wrapped the building with two banks of Dri-Design metallic panels. The upper band has two radius pop outs on each end of the building and one large-radius pop out on the front. The lower band has one radius pop out on the front with the remainder of the panels being straight horizontal runs.

The 1.0mm/20 gauge modules included 4x2-foot panels on the straight runs and 2x2-foot panels on the radii. The result is a dry joint, pressure-equalized rain screen.

“We were looking for longevity and clean lines to make a modern statement versus the plaster look common in the area,” said Rogers.

Approximately 10,000 sf of Rheinzink titanium-zinc alloy material was used to construct the panels, which complement the polished granite tiles utilized on the building's lower portion.

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