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April 01, 2004 |

Deluxe lamp

Self-ballasted, screw-base compact fluorescent lamps are available in wattages ranging from seven to 30-watts. The Dulux EL family includes both twist and mini-twist styles that combine compact size with high lumen output and long life. The lamps feature whiter, 3,000K color temperature, a high CRI of 82, and 0F minimum starting. Dulux EL lamps offer energy savings of up to 80% when compared with similar lumen output incandescent lamps, with average-rated lamp life of 6,000 to 10,000 hours.

Osram Sylvania.

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Long-lasting lighting

Uni-Form pulse start lamp is 125 watts with a mogul base and is recommended by the manufacturer for parking garages, retail spaces, airports, and other high-bay and low-bay lighting applications. The lamp provides 12,000 initial lumens, 8,400 mean/design lumens, and a color temperature of 4,000K. Compared to traditional 175 watt pulse start metal halide lamps, this 125 watt lamp offers more mean lumens over its lifetime, and provides 50% longer life at 15,000 hours. It also offers a color rendering index of 65.

Venture Lighting.

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Instant light

High-bay lighting luminaire for industrial and commercial applications features four 54-watt or four 80-watt T5/HO linear fluorescent lamps to provide instant on, high CRI, and 95% lumen maintenance. In addition to providing instant light, the Industra 5 FTV also features a dimming option for multi-level lighting controls, which can save energy. According to the manufacturer, the luminaire lowers maintenance costs by providing 20,000 plus hours of lamp, compared to its peers. The light can be both chain and surface mounted for lower installation costs. Reflector finishes are available in Miro 4 and specular aluminum.

Day-Brite Lighting.

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Hotel illumination

Expanded line of compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) affords hotel operators an opportunity to fill every guestroom light socket with energy-efficient lamps, and cut energy costs by as much as 77%, according to the manufacturer. The new line of products is made up of the 15/25/32-watt three-Way Spiral, the 15-watt R30, and the 26-watt R40 Dimming Reflectors, the Mini Biax, and the Mini A-Line lamps. The 15/25/32-watt three-Way Spiral CFL offers maximum lumen output of 2,200 lumens, 2,700K, and 82 CRI and produces light levels that equal or exceed levels produced by a standard 50/100/150-watt three-way incandescent lamp. According to the manufacturer, this could save up to 70% in energy costs. The 15-watt R30 and 26-watt R40 Dimming Reflector CFLs offer softer diffused light for virtually any down-lighting application and offer up to three times the rated life of standard 65-watt or 90-watt incandescent reflectors. Both provide a flicker-free instant start in less than one second in temperatures as low as 5F. The Mini Biax and Mini A-Line CFLs offer a 15,000-hour rated life. The 42-watt Spiral CFL combines the equivalent light output of a 150-watt incandescent lamp (2,650 lumens) with the smallest possible CFL (6.4 inch) The Spiral CFL has a 10,000 hour life, enabling hotels to save as much as $108 per lamp over the life of the lamp versus the 150-watt incandescent.


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Exterior decoration

Lamps for signs and decorative perimeter lighting deliver up to 46 LPW, allowing the use of 3-watt, 5-watt, or 8-watt lamps to replace larger incandescent ones. The Micro-Brite A19 delivers up to 20% more light output, says its manufacturer. The lamps work in both indoor and outdoor applications, in cold and hot environments. With a 25,000-hour rated life at 120 or 130 volts, Micro-Brite bulbs are warranted to last for two years in demanding applications. The lamps are available in 3-, 5-, and 8-watt versions in clear, white, red, blue, green, and yellow.

Litetronics International.

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Computer-mapped lighting

Digital lighting system features AddressPro ballasts, which allow multiple light sources, including fluorescent, halogen, and incandescent to be controlled as one system. The ballasts work with T5 and T8 linear fluorescent and 13W-42W compact fluorescent. The system allows these light sources to be individually addressed or grouped into zones. AddressPro digital training module, an online training tutorial on how the system works, is available at

Universal Lighting Technologies.

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Fire-resistant light

Fire-resistant recessed ceiling downlights for multi-story commercial and residential lighting applications is shipped pre-assembled for installation into wood, concrete, steel, suspended, or sheetrock ceilings. FireTight down lights feature the Virtual Source no-glare optical system and come in LiteDeco decorative trims that can be specified to match any interior-design plan or color and materials palette, says the manufacturer. The down lights are offered in four, five, and six inch aperture sizes.


Reader Service No. 208

Multi-task ballast

High-efficiency electronic ballasts for T8 fluorescent lighting systems will operate one or two 17-watt, 25-watt, 28-watt, 30-watt, or 32-watt T8 fluorescent lamps. The Optanium Programmed-Start (PS) ballasts come in two versions: a standard light output design with a .88 Ballast Factor and a lower-watt design. The instant-start ballasts feature a 0F starting on standard T8 lamps and a 20 ft. remote mounting/tandem wiring capabilities. An auto-restrike capability feature further eliminates the need to reset power mains after failed lamps are replaced. Both standard and low-watt Optanium PS ballasts are available for the operation of one or two lamps on both 120-volt and 277-volt systems. Three and four-lamp versions will be available soon. Best for long-burning applications, including retail, warehouse, and offices.

Advance Transformer Co.

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Good-bye smell, hello light

Compact fluorescent light bulb that eliminates odors from the air contains a special coating on its glass which enables it to break down odors. The Fresh 2Ti is dipped into Titanium Dioxide, forming a transparent, thin film on the bulb. When the bulb is turned on, the coating produces a photo catalytic reaction that eliminates odors. The purifying process begins to work 10 minutes after the bulb is turned on. Since the Fresh 2Ti must be exposed to air to work effectively, it has to be used in an uncovered fixture or socket. Suggested for use in hotels, healthcare facilities, and nursing homes.

Technical Consumer Product, Inc.

Reader Service No. 210

Back on track

Two-circuit line voltage track system comes with a complete palette of lighting tools, including a new line and low voltage spotlights, compact fluorescent wall washers, and HID accent lights. Fixtures and pendants can be placed anywhere on the two-circuit track in groups or locations. The Flexrail2 System can be custom designed with graceful curves to negotiate challenging corners on ceilings and walls, as well as circular configurations of varying diameters. The silver-grey colored rail is offered in 4 inch and 8 inch lengths.

W.A.C. Lighting Co.

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Light up the sky

Recessed-direct ambient luminaire for high-end architectural spaces wanting glare-free illumination and clean ceiling integration comes in two styles: perforated baffle and translucent acrylic baffle. The Neo-Ray Symbio is available in T5 or biax fluorescent sources in three configurations with luminaire efficiency as high as 82%. The light integrates into all types of architectural ceilings with a visible flange of less than ¼ inch. Multiple options are available including dimming, dual level, switching, and emergency.

Cooper Lighting.

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Time is running out

Digital time switch automatically turns lights off after a preset, user-selectable time out setting. The TS-400 (low voltage) and the TS-400-24 (line voltage) count down the time from the preset time-out period (five minutes to 12 hours) and turns lights off when the time expires. Users can turn lights off during the countdown using the ON/OFF button. An LCD indicates time remaining with an optional alert to warn occupants of impending shut-off. A time scroll option allows users to scroll up or down through the possible time-out periods, temporarily overriding the time-out period. In addition to controlling lighting the TS switches can double as an override ON/OFF switch for HVAC and EMS systems. Best for equipment rooms, storage areas, and closets.

The Watt Stopper.

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Chilled lamp

High-output PL-L Germicidal SteriLamps line is available in 35-, 60-, and 95-watts and provides sustained UV-C efficiency over lamp life in low-temperature environments, including as HVAC systems. In addition, the PL-L construction provides twice the UV-C intensity of single UV lamps, using the same amount of space within the system. To withstand the cold air within the HVAC system, these wind chill-corrected, high-output PL-L lamps are loaded with more electrical watts for optimal performance.


Reader Service No. 214

Plant re-lit

The Mitsubishi-Caterpillar (MCFA) headquarters in Houston occupies approximately 689,651 sf. of manufacturing and office space. Insufficient lighting in the plant was causing shadowing on the production floor, while an irregular power supply was resulting in unpredictable power outages, both slowing the plant’s productivity. Lighting-certified professionals conducted a comprehensive lighting survey to analyze existing conditions within the manufacturing and warehouse space. The result was new, state-of-the art T5/HO fluorescent technology throughout MCFA, with motion sensors to reduce energy consumption by turning lights off in unoccupied areas. The solution was able to reduce the number of fixtures by 33%, provide three times more light, and significantly reduce annual energy costs. Overall, the light levels increased to approximately 60-65 foot candles. MCFA reported their annual electric bill savings is $99,264, while the maintenance savings was $8,147, and the air conditioning savings, because of the cool, new lighting system, is $14,927.

Aqualine Resources, Inc.

Reader Service No. 215

Formaldehyde-free ceiling

Formaldehyde-free acoustic insulation ceiling tile line is available in three versions. The Whispertone Wallboard XG is manufactured through the combination of fibers bonded with a special formaldehyde-free thermosetting resin to produce structurally rigid board-type insulation. The Whispertone Trackboard XG is a fiber glass board constructed form highly resilient flame-attenuated glass fibers with mat facers on one or both surfaces. The Acoustic XG and Microlite XG fiber glass equipment insulation are lightweight and highly resilient blanket-type thermal and acoustical insulation made of flame-attenuated glass givers bonded with a formaldehyde-free thermosetting resin. For commercial and industrial applications, the tiles are white in color.

Johns Manville.

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Sound-resistant ceiling

Sound-absorbing metal wall and ceiling panel system have been fire tested and demonstrate a flame spread from five to 10 and a smoke density of no more than 10, in accordance with ASTM E84 (81a). The Delta Acoustic Panels come in a cloth finish and finely perforated and embossed metal panels provide a nubby, faux-cloth appearance and a fit in standard two by two and two by four lay-in grid systems. Ideal for nightclubs, restaurants, museums, theaters, and gyms.

Eckel Industries, Inc.

Reader Service No. 301

Smooth ceiling

Custom-curved acoustical metal panels that function simultaneously as a roof deck and an acoustical ceiling are available in 22 to 18 gauge and depths of 1-1/2 and 3 inches. Design possibilities include domes, arches, and multiple-radius curves and “S” shapes for gyms, sports arenas, retail stores and malls, airports, schools, hospitals, and libraries.

Curveline, Inc.

Reader Service No. 302

International ceiling

The Phnom Penh/Pochentong International Airport in Cambodia installed 183,000-sf of light-weight metallic suspended ceiling during its recent renovation. The Prisme’eco ceiling is made of pre-lacquered aluminum and tight metallic mesh. It is weather resistant and fireproof. The machine-finished, ready-to-fit ceiling was shipped in 40 ft. containers to the airport to be assembled on site. Composed of 96 inch load-bearing profiles and 48 and 24 inch spacers, Prisme’eco’s load-bearing profiles are suspended on hangers adapted for ¼ inch diameter threaded rods. The ceiling is available in standard and post-lacquered colors or anodized.

SMS SA Company (France).

Reader Service No. 303

Green ceilings

The Brook Green Garden Museum in Pawleys Island, S.C., chose the Luxalon ceiling

system because of its different looks and variety of applications. The Luxalon ceilings

are available in linear metal in a selection of widths, open cell and cell frame plenum

masking systems, planks and tiles, curved panels, acoustical baffles and clean, exterior

soffits. The ceiling system can be used on the interior and exterior and is made up of

more than 70% recycled aluminum and non woven acoustical tissue. Luxalon metal

ceilings are IAQ friendly and have no off-gassing and are non-porous, harboring no

microbial matter, including mold, mildew, and rust.

Hunter Douglas.

Reader Service No. 304

Ceiling stripes

The 360,000-sf. adidas (specifically lower case) Village in Portland, Oregon, installed Squareline standard Metal Ceiling Tiles to add a new look to the reception area, conference rooms, and various office spaces. The tiles, available in two patters and several color combinations, are made of galvanized, power-coated, expanded metal and are pre-bonded with Class one fire-rated willtec FM foam. The willtec foam absorbs 55 to 80% of the sound that reaches them. “We put Squareline tiles in places that get notice, places where we want to make an impression with clients or the general public,” said Owen Clemens, special projects director for adidas. “We really like the way they look. Plus, they control sound and are cost effective.” The project’s design team included Boora Architects, LRS Architects, R&H Construciton, KPFF Consulting Engineers, and David Evans & Associates.

Illbruck Architectural Products.

Reader Service No. 305

Click and choose

Interactive web site ceiling selector allows architects and designers to view 46 different ceiling tile styles and patterns along with all available features and options in minutes. Once a specific ceiling tile is chosen, the selector instantly shows a photo of the texture and provides details on surface finish, available tile sizes, relative installed cost, warranties, and other information. Technical specification such as light reflectance, fire resistance, and sound absorption are also displayed. When a ceiling tile is selected, a click of the mouse allows the designer to see room sets, order a tile sample, download a specification, and more.


Reader Service No. 306

Sustainable ceiling panels with a monolithic appearance are backed by sound absorption, reflectance, and fire resistance. Made from melamine, these panels are recyclable, mold and mildew resistant, inorganic, and free of off-gassing or shedding of fibers into the air. EuroFoam panels are ideal for interior open plan spaces requiring sound absorption and light reflectance. Ideal for offices, health care, and schools. Available in standard 24 by 24 inch and 24 by 28 inch sizes.

Chicago Metallic.

Reader Service No. 307

Way up high

Wall and ceiling system is made of a high-performance integrated glass fiber core with a

matte facecovering and has tension track arranged around the perimeter of the

acoustical core. With NRC values ranging from .80 to over 1.00, the Eurospan system

can be shaped flat, domed, coffered, or formed into custom floating clouds or high walls.

Offered in classic white, beige, light blue, black, and custom-dyed and field-painted, the

material allows for clean cuts for lights, vents, sprinklers, and other penetrations. The

system comes with a Class 1 rating and meets or exceeds fire hazard classification 25/50

in accordance with ASTM E84 and the textile has a 0 flame-spread and five smoked

developed rating. The standard white textile also has a light reflectance of .75 and .80.

Eurospan comes with a 10-year warranty.

Owens Corning.

Reader Service No. 308

Educational sky

School Zone Fine Fissured line of ceilings for educational facilities feature 30% more

impact resistance than standard ceilings, a Noise Reduction Coefficient of .70, and a

Ceiling Attenuation Class of 40. Providing a medium textured, non-directional visual, so

both high durability and high acoustic panels with a similar visual can be used in the

same facility. Available in 24 by 24 inch and 24 by 48 inch size, with a square lay-in,

beveled tegular or angled tegular edge detail, the tiles are sag-resistant and are treated

with BioBlock, a fungicide paint that inhibits the growth of mold and mildew on the

painted surface of the ceiling panels. Made from 55% recycled content, the panels have a

Light Reflectance value of .85 as well.


Reader Service No. 309

Curved flight

The Rotunda at the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas needed to be renovated to provide both maintenance ease and good acoustics. Since architects wanted to preserve the historical integrity of the original, poured-concrete, concave ceiling, the final design solution called for lay-in metal panels to follow precisely the contours and curves of the Rotunda’s unusual ceiling. Each of the 4,300-sf. lay-in ceilings, however, would drop 16 inches below the original poured-concrete surface, providing a hollow space to capture and dampen sound. For this reason, the system required perforated metal panels backed with sound batts. Like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, each metal panel was uniquely sized and shaped. The honeycomb-like interior surface of the Rotunda ceilings allowed for only limited suspension points. Therefore the crews installed “unistrut” suspension tees every eight feet. They laid out the entire ceiling grid pattern right on the scaffolding platform and, using pocket lasers, raised each piece into position overhead. Paraline Linear metal Ceiling System pans were installed in the spaces that are narrower at the top than at the bottom and Curvatura 3-D Ceiling System main tee segments were fastened to the original poured-concrete ceiling with special carrier pieces. The crews completed their work between midnight and 8 a.m. daily, when the airport was mostly vacant, between June 2002 and January 2003.


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