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Mitigating moisture

Moisture-retardant system can reduce vapor transmission by up to 75% with its post-application cure time of 12–16 hours. The VapArrest System is VOC-free and freeze/thaw-stable to 10 degrees F. The moisture retardant can be applied with a roller, spreading at 270 sf/gallon.


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Don't forget the scraps

Aluminum ceiling system for interior and exterior applications is manufactured with 70% recycled content and contains no VOCs. Scrap aluminum is recycled back into the manufacturing process. The manufacturer also uses cleaning and pre-treatment methods that minimize waste and wastewater.

Hunter Douglas

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Roll out the red carpet

Commercial carpet lines are certified by Scientific Certification Systems as environmentally preferable products for their manufacturing efficiency and installation with minimal waste. The Charlemont, Heath, and North Adams lines feature both tile and broadloom carpets that can be mixed and matched. Available in six dyes, the carpet lines are appropriate for healthcare, education, government, and hospitality venues.

Bentley Prince Street

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A plethora of lights

Recessed, low-level luminaires for indoor and outdoor environments are ideal for effects lighting and specific color coordination and themes. The Solas Series offers a variety of lamp sources and wattages (26–100 watts), including an 18-watt LED fixture. Other lamp options include metal halide, high-pressure sodium, and compact fluorescent. Available with round or square modular die-cast aluminum faceplates in two light distribution arrangements (flush or scoop).

Cooper Lighting

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PVs play a key role in ferry terminal's grand views

Located on Manhattan's southern tip, the Whitehall Ferry Terminal has become one of the Big Apple's most eye-catching transportation centers. The 200,000-sf terminal, which carries 65,000 commuters and tourists between Staten Island and Manhattan every day, features a 75-foot-high entry hall and crystalline glass façade that provide a panoramic view of the city's skyline.

The glass façade also incorporates photovoltaic panels that contribute to the building's energy needs. The building-integrated PV system from Wausau Window and Wall Systems was factory-fabricated, shipped to the site, and installed by a collaborative glazing and electrical team that included New York-based Tishman Construction and Brooklyn-based Kiss + Cathcart Architects.

"This was an exceptionally complicated system culminating years of research and planning to ensure a safe, code-compliant, façade-integrated photovoltaic system, while also ensuring weather resistance, structural integrity, and performance standards," said Steve Fronek, VP of Wausau Window and Wall Systems, Wausau, Wis.

Designed by New York-based Schwartz Architects, the terminal includes a 19,000-sf passenger waiting room, 10,000 sf of office space, and 10,000 sf of ancillary support space and ferry operation rooms. The $201 million project was a joint venture between the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the Department of Transportation, the New York City Economic Development Corp., and the Department of Parks and Recreation.

Wausau Window and Wall Systems

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Reinforced roofing

Multipurpose, liquid-urethane product line now includes a reinforced waterproofing restoration system for metal, modified bitumen, and built-up roofing systems. The highly reflective White Knight coating meets Energy Star requirements, reducing energy loads inside buildings. The coating forms a monolithic, seamless membrane that seals, weatherproofs, preserves, and protects prepared roofing surfaces.

The Garland Co.

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Wash and save

Electronic hand-washing faucets save water by using an infrared sensor to activate and disable flow when users step up to and away from the sink. The SF-2300 and SF-2350 chrome-plated, brass faucets automatically deliver tempered hot or cold water. The units are ADA-compliant and come standard with 0.5 gpm laminar flow outlets.

Sloan Valve Co.

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Sparkling garden

Recycled glass "mulch" adds color to walkways, gardens, and other landscaping elements, while inhibiting weed growth, moderating soil temperatures, and preventing soil compaction. The 100% post-consumer recycled industrial glass is crushed and washed to eliminate all sharp edges. Available in two gradation sizes.

EnviroGLAS Products

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Mighty mosaics

Handcrafted glass tiles are made from 25%–85% post-consumer glass bottles. Tiles are available in 39 colors and in a variety of sizes (from 1×1 to 8×8 inches). Each tile is cast, cut, and finished by hand, resulting in a sophisticated, translucent glass that shimmers with light. The manufacturer uses more than 1,000 tons of recycled post-consumer bottled glass annually.

Oceanside Glasstile

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Energy-efficient escalators keep up the pace at Chicago's O'Hare Airport

Chicago's O'Hare International Airport is one of the world's busiest airports. And because it is home to many national and international airline carriers, the Chicago Department of Aviation takes its commitment to the environment seriously. So when 25 of the airport's escalators in three terminals needed to be updated, the city searched for an environmentally friendly solution.

It was the versatility of KONE's EcoMod that won the city's favor. The EcoMod escalator extends oil change intervals to 30,000 hours and features the chainless EcoDrive system that eliminates drive-chain lubrication and improves reliability. The escalator utilizes a set of planetary gears that are 96% efficient, which reduces energy consumption.

Since there is not a moment when Chicago's O'Hare International Airport isn't bustling, creative construction strategies were employed for the upgrades. In some cases, one side of the side-by-side units was installed while keeping the other operational. Once installed, the direction of the EcoMod escalators could be reversed while work on the other unit was completed.

"We have a responsibility to the passengers and the airlines using our airport to keep everything flowing smoothly," said Art Andros, director of development at O'Hare. "The KONE EcoMod full-replacement system has significantly reduced the inconvenience to our customers under very demanding conditions."


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Energy-efficient window

Window system features a nonmetallic edge seal for improved thermal performance and lower U-value. The window's NexGen Technology resists moisture and has a greater ability to tolerate thermal stress and high wind loads.


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For the love of the dolphins

The Island Dolphin Care Facility in Key Largo, Fla., provides dolphin-assisted therapy to 2,000 critically ill, disabled, and special needs children annually, allowing them to swim and play with dolphins and attend motivational recreation classroom sessions.

The 5,000-sf therapy and learning center opened in April 2005 with 3,400-sf of Noraplan Mega and Norament 825 round pastille floor coverings that protect its three therapy classrooms, family resource library, meeting rooms, and seven aquatic environments with corresponding educational exhibits and locker/shower rooms.

The flooring is made from renewable natural rubber, natural fillers, and environmentally compatible color pigments. It is free of PVC, plasticizers, and halogens, and has low VOC emissions.

The facility was not only looking for environmentally friendly flooring, but also for a product that provided slip resistance and that required little upkeep.

"We work with special children," said Deena Hoagland, founder of IDC. "I wanted a flooring that was not going to be rough or hard on their falls, and one that would offer slip resistance. I also wanted something that was going to look good, and that we didn't have to wax."

The facility used a total of nine different colors of Noraplan and Norament flooring products to create the colorful designs, patterns, and shapes.

Nora Rubber Flooring

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Maximum light with minimal heat gain

Low-e glass transmits 63% of available visible light while permitting only 27% of the sun's solar energy to pass through, resulting in a light-to-solar-gain ratio of 2.33. Solarban 70 XL glass can defray initial capital costs for cooling equipment by as much as 26% and can cut annual building cooling costs by 3–5%, according to the maker.


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Heat be gone

Reflective roof coating features a weatherproof moisture membrane that provides 91% solar reflectivity. The H286/HE587 coating allows moisture to vent from its underlying substrate by expanding and contracting during weather cycles. It resists ponding and reduces interior building temperatures and energy costs.

Henry Co.

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From your Ford to your floor

Rubber flooring series is manufactured from post-consumer recycled tire rubber and EPDM granules to create geometric shapes in different patterns and colors. The EarthShapes collection has minimal VOCs, and utilizes as many as seven tires for every 100 sf of flooring.

To Market

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On top of it

Roof board for low-slope commercial applications is made from 95% recycled materials, emits no VOCs, and has low-embodied energy. Securock is certified by Scientific Certification Systems and can help accrue LEED credits for its recyclable properties. The fiber-reinforced board resists mold and moisture.


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Loose-lay tile

Loose-lay tile flooring is recyclable and may be installed without adhesives for improved IEQ in corporate, retail, and healthcare facilities. Square can be installed over most subfloors and resists migration of subfloor contaminants, including paint, glue, and stains. The fiberglass-reinforced flooring helps prevent tearing, and is available in five designs.

Tarkett Commercial

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LED glow stick

Hi-flux LED module can be mounted on a metal substrate circuit board with six-inch wires on each end for board-to-board connections. The Dragonstick's 50,000-hour service life and low-wattage make it an alternative to fluorescent fixtures in specialty applications, such as shelf lighting, refrigerators, freezers, and display cases.

Osram Sylvania

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Cradle-to-cradle flooring

Reclamation program will retrieve used Replace collection rubber flooring tiles and recycle or repurpose them into a new product in both post-industrial and post-consumer functions. The Restart Program will pick up the tiles and deliver product reclamation certificates to participating customers.


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Fabric air ducts

Polyester fabric ducts offer an alternative to conventional metal ductwork. Unlike metal ducts, which distribute air through diffusers spaced 10–15 feet apart, DuctSox tubes discharge air

uniformly along the entire length of the system, reducing drafts and hot and cold spots. The system improves IAQ, decreases greenhouse gas emissions, and uses less waste and energy in its installation than conventional systems, according to the maker.


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Quiet footsteps

Laminate flooring features an underpad composed of felt and rubber that has been tested to surpass sound insulation requirements for most multifamily dwellings. Sonic Floor is made with FSC-certified wood to control VOC and formaldehyde emissions. The 7.8mm-thick flooring carries a 30-year warranty against fading, stains, wear, and moisture intrusion.


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Super-smart sensors

Occupancy sensors featuring 360-degree coverage automatically adjust to time delay and sensitivity settings based on occupancy activity and space characteristics. Walkthrough mode turns the lights off automatically after brief visits. The line and low-voltage models mount on ceilings. Options include: isolated relay and built-in light level sensing.

The Watt Stopper

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Mile High Center is capped with a cool roof

Denver's 23-story Mile High Center celebrated its 50th birthday with a roof that was greatly in need of repair. Building manager Joe Havey was looking for several key traits in a replacement system: product performance, energy savings, speed of installation, and environmental responsibility.

Roofing contractor Turner Morris Inc., Arvada, Colo., suggested GenFlex's Peel & Stick TPO roof because of its white, reflective surface, UV protection, and Energy Star rating.

"I suggested [to Havey] that he could have a fully adhered roof that was white and involved no bonding adhesive," said Tim Turner, president of Turner Morris. "That sparked his interest."

The installation team was charged with demolishing the old roof by crane. The team shut down the surrounding streets at 2:30 a.m. on most weekends to remove debris so as not to disturb traffic.

"When you're dealing with a building 23 stories tall, a total tear-off requires a lot of materials handling," said Turner. "The fact that the Peel & Stick eliminated transporting 100 five-gallon pails of adhesive meant a lot of savings."

After demolition, the crew adhered ISO boards to the lightweight concrete deck using low-rise foam adhesive. The Peel & Stick roof was then installed with hot-welded seams and 300 feet of EPDM Peel & Stick walkway pads.

The end result for the Mile High Center is an environmentally conscious and aesthetically pleasing roof. That is, if you're high enough to see it.

GenFlex Roofing Systems

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