Plumbing Product Roundup

July 01, 2006 |

Stylish Soap Dispenser for Hospitality

Luxury soap dispensers, great for casinos, hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality facilities, feature a specialized stainless steel pump mechanism and solid brass construction for clog-free performance and exceptional durability. Dispensers come in six styles, including three deck-mounted, two free-standing, and one wall-mounted version.


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Smart Showerhead Conserves Water

A new water-efficent showerhead can deliver 36% savings while still providing a warm, drenching shower experience. Delta's H20Kinetic technology manages the size of water droplets and can also control velocity, spray coverage, and thermal dynamics. Users still get the feeling of a standard showerhead but with a lower flow because of the smaller droplets. The showerhead uses only 1.6 gallons of water per minute as opposed to standard 2.5 gpm showerheads.


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Clean and Fresh Odor Control

Batteryless odor control systems deliver a precise dose of fragrance and odor neutralizer without losing intensity for a period of 60 days. With a built-in fuel cell, hydrogen is created within the fragrance chamber, thereby pushing out the appropriate amount of fragrance. The fragrance is then distributed throughout the room via natural air flow.

Technical Concepts

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Full-Coverage Shower System

Shower panel can be adjusted for height, providing greater coverage and comfort for users of varying height. A great hospitality application, the adjustable shower system incorporates a seven-inch downpour showerhead, a two-spray handshower, and six adjustable body sprays, plus an accessory shelf.


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Bulk-Flushing Workhorse Saves Water

For customers who require toilets that effectively and consistently perform in high-usage applications, such as businesses and hotels, the Highline Pressure Lite toilet can deliver powerful results. Using the latest in pressure-vessel technology, the High Line delivers one-flush, no-clog performance in even the most heavily used facilities, including airports. The Lite design achieves the same performance but with a smaller 1.4-gallon flush, which has saved at least 2,000 gallons of water a year (per toilet) in industrty testing.


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Dry in no Time

High-speed air hand dryer dries hands in just five to six seconds—eight times faster than conventional hand dryers. The machine offers improved hygiene and reduced trash waste. With its U-shaped drying port, hands are simultaneously dried via front and rear horizontal air jets.

Mitsubishi Electric Co.

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