Panels help make children's center sustainable

January 01, 2009 |

The University of Calgary's Child Development Centre is the largest project in Canada to achieve LEED Platinum certification. The 125,000-sf facility focuses on supporting organizations working together for the benefit of children. The university had mandated that all new capital projects be built to a high level of sustainability.

Three options for the north and south exterior skin façades were considered—aluminum composite material panels, 3.2mm painted, aluminum panels, and 1.2mm zinc panels. Rheinzink zinc panels were selected, and approximately 25,000 sf of Preweathered Graphite Grey horizontal reveal panels were used to clad the north and south exteriors of the four-story building.

“We like the natural color of the zinc and, of course, its durability,” said project architect Judy MacDougall, an associate at Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning, Calgary. “The material oxidizes very slowly in Calgary due to the drier climate.”


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