February 01, 2005 |

Metal that Sings

Suitable for both interior and exterior applications, Luxalon metal ceiling systems feature a perforated surface and are backed with an encapsulated fiber-glass pad or non-woven fabric, providing quality acoustical performance. Sound enters the ceiling through the perforations and is absorbed by the pad or fabric backing, providing Noise Reduction Coefficient ratings from 0.70 to 0.95.

Hunter Douglas.

Reader Service No. 215

Herbaceous Trompe L'oeil

No, that's not natural grass in the restrooms at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia. The 8×8-inch ceramic tile flooring in the club-level restrooms at the new home of the Phillies was custom designed by reproducing digital images of professional-level grass baseball fields onto ceramic tiles. The process starts with an image that is digitized and then printed using ceramic glazes composed of micro-fine minerals and ores that act as printing inks on ceramic substrate. The tiles are then fired at high temperature to create a commercially rated tile.

Imagine Tile.

Reader Service No. 218

Colorful Healing

Vinyl flooring lines for healthcare applications have been expanded with a series of new colors, including jungle green, orange peel, and tea garden green. The Medintech, Medintech Tandem, and Possibilities Petit Point flooring lines integrate with a range of interior design materials, textiles, paint, and wall coverings commonly used in healthcare facilities.

Armstrong World Industries.

Reader Service No. 219

What A Mesh!

Stainless steel aluminum wire mesh that clads the six-level, 983-space Neal Avenue parking garage at Ohio State University in Columbus provides clean, attractive finish to the concrete structure, as well as a degree of security. Multi-Barrette Architectural Wire Cloth is available in a variety of metals and patterns, each with its own characteristics in terms of strength, transparency, metal density, surface finish, and optical effect.

W.S. Tyler.

Reader Service No. 212

Droop-Free Door

With 2,000 employees and thousands of visitors passing through its doors each day, Coors Brewing Company's production facility in Golden, Colo., was plagued by the "drooping door level" syndrome in high-traffic areas. Company locksmith Pat Higney replaced troubled locks with new D-Locks, which are "much stronger" and have "much less droop in the lever after a great deal of use," says Higney. Also, because the locks have fewer parts, installation time was reduced.


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