Lamps and Ballasts

January 01, 2002 |

Around the clock

Low-voltage lamps feature infrared reflecting technology that reflects waste heat back to the filament, providing energy savings compared with standard halogen lamps. Moreover, Master-Line ES line lamps can last up to 5,000 hours, and can save up to $7.50 per lamp, when replacing standard 50-watt MR-16s. They feature a smooth, round beam, consistent white light and an ultraviolet-minimizing glass lens. Available in 20-, 35- and 40-watt versions, these metal halide lamps are ideal for retail stores, restaurants, hotels and for commercial use because of the energy-saving potential.

Phillips Lighting Co.

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Power source

Ballasts for use with compact fluorescent lamps allow users to adjust light levels to any point within 5 percent to 10 percent of full light output. The Mark VII controllable electronic ballasts are compatible with practically any 0- to 10-volt control, allowing users to implement energy management techniques, including daylighting and "load shedding" throughout buildings.

Advance Transformer.

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Relighting Jefferson

The Thomas Jefferson Memorial, located just south of the White House, was recently relit with new Metalarc high-intensity discharge (HID) metal halide lamps, resulting in energy savings of 80 percent. The lamps are supplemented by light-emitting diodes (LED) that last up to 100,000 hours, giving the 1943 memorial a new look for 2002 and beyond.

Osram Sylvania.

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Constant color

High-watt and high color rendering index (CRI) lamp with metal halide technology offers enhanced color consistency with color variation many times smaller than a standard metal halide lamp. The ConstantColor ceramic metal halide is suitable for retail, convention centers and other general lighting applications where color is critical.

GE Lighting.

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Power play

Luminaire is available with high-performance segmented optics and a removable power tray, which features the ballast and other components mounted. The tray is unitized and hinges out of the housing with quick disconnects. The Contour Series KAD is best for outdoor lighting applications, as the reflectors produce glare-free, controlled illumination that is said to improve uniformity and spacing and can control spill light along the perimeter of properties. A dark bronze polyester powder finish is standard. However, other colors are available. The unit's ballast is high-reactance and copper-wound.

Lithonia Lighting.

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Light up my life

Industrial fluorescent fixtures can illuminate even the highest warehouse stack and are energy efficient, while providing clean white light. With a narrow diameter fluorescent light, the lamp evenly distributes light from the source. The HBS 100 is best applied to replace less efficient HID luminaires in grocery stores, libraries and warehouses where bright light is most important.

L.A. Lighting.

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Colored to perfection

Low-profile light emitting diode (LED) lighting system in a clear acrylic tube is available in eight bright colors. Litesicles may be used in very small areas including under cabinets or bar tops and provide an intense direct or indirect blast of color, as they come in a 3/4-in.-diameter, sealed, clear acrylic tube. Litesicles are cool to touch, typically operating at less than 80 degrees, and can last up to 100,000 hours.


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Dim the lights

Electronic fluorescent dimming ballast lines are available in 120- and 277-volt models. The T5-HO Hi-lume ballast offers flicker-free, 1 percent dimming for one- and two-lamp applications with 54-watt, T5 high-output (HO) linear fluorescent lamps. The ballast is 1 inch high by 1.18 inch wide, which makes it suitable for one- and two-lamp slim-profile fixtures. Recommended applications for Hi-lume include conference rooms, classrooms, lecture halls, training and control rooms and graphic art stations.

The Eco-10 provides smooth, consistent dimming to 10 percent with one or two lamps per ballast. It features a 1-in.-high, slim-profile design for corresponding fixture applications. Eco-10 is suitable for schools, cafeterias, libraries and open office spaces.

Both ballast units are compatible with the company's line of wall controls, energy management controls and dimming systems.


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Double duty

Fluorescent emergency ballast packs allow the same lighting fixture to do double duty under both normal and emergency conditions. During interruptions of line voltage, standard linear fluorescent lighting fixtures switch on to provide emergency illumination in commercial and institutional environments. The 200 Series will automatically switch to emergency mode and provide 90 minutes of operation.


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Energy savvy

This 300-watt metal halide lamp provides as much light as the traditional 400-watt lamp. Uni-Form provides 1,000 more mean lumens than the standard 400-watt lamp, providing greater energy savings. The lamp features tipless technology for superior color uniformity, equal to ceramic metal halide. Available in enclosed-rated and open-rated versions. The lamp is ideal for industrial and warehouse applications

Venture Lighting.

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Secure space

Security lighting with a reflector and an aluminum shroud provides precise light control, directing light downward, washing the wall below and to the sides of the fixture. This wide distribution of light permits maximum spacing between light fixtures. Inside the die-cast aluminum housing of the E3 Series, a thermal chamber separates the ballast from other electrical components to reduce operating temperatures and to extend the life of the component.

Ruud Lighting.

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Brighter glow

Ultraviolet (UV) lamp makes fluorescent leak detection dyes glow brighter. The lamp's filter and bulb reflector assembly enables the 35-watt bulb to produce 10 times more UV light.

Spectronics Corp.

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Cool off

A compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) burns at 50 F to 77 F, almost 50 F cooler than most CFLs. The CCFL lamp also features an adjustable brightness circuit and has superior vibration- and impact-resistance, making it flexible and suited for many commercial applications.


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Fast start

Industrial and outdoor lighting system provides faster start-up and restrike time, while offering energy savings. The WattWatcher series includes high-bay, low-bay, flood and large wall lighting. The high-bay lamp provides more than 20 percent better system efficacy over standard 400-watt metal halide systems and improves optical efficiency, while reducing system power by 95 watts and cutting restrike time in half. The lighting systems are designed for efficient use of energy for all types of industrial applications.

Day-Brite Lighting.

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True colors

Halogen lighting for color-critical retail displays filters out some of the yellow and red light common to halogen lighting, so the truer colors and textures of the merchandise are highlighted. Because of its special color temperature, the Color-Brite 31 is much closer to that of fluorescent lamps in overall appearance, and it also creates a more uniformly lighted environment when a combination of halogen and fluorescent lighting is used.

Litetronics International Inc.

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Low profile

Electronic linear fluorescent ballasts for T8 lamps, the Triad low-profile line now includes the low-power "L" series of ballasts for applications where maximum energy savings is most important. The design of the "L" series takes advantage of a new component technology that provides a smaller, lighter-weight ballast with improved operating efficiency. The ballasts feature parallel lamp operation and a standard mounting footprint and wiring for easy replacement.

Universal Lighting Technologies.

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