Innovative tension cable and fabric membrane roofing system tops Kuwait Stadium

April 01, 2008 |

Completed in December 2007, Jaber Al-Ahmad International Stadium, also known as Kuwait Stadium, seats more than 64,000 spectators and is the largest soccer and Olympic-standard sports venue in the country. The stadium is topped with a fabric membrane roof system made up of more than 147,000 sf of Teflon-coated fabric. Designed, engineered, and installed by Birdair, the canopy system is composed of a single-layer membrane across a rigid framework of steel masts and cable in 282-foot spans, venturing from the roof's outer edge to an open inner ring measuring 348 feet in diameter. Using this system, the outside perimeter and cable ring are compressed together by force to hold the shape of the stadium's roof. The fabric structure forms peaks that rise and fall like sand dunes, echoing the beauty of the surrounding desert terrain. The roof's unique saddle-shaped design recalls the nomadic past of the Kuwaiti people, who traveled on camels across the region.


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