Fabric ductwork wins over Texas school board

January 01, 2008 |

When architect Randall E. Fromberg recommended fabric HVAC ductwork for the Florence, Texas, Independent School District's new $2.4 million gymnasium, it raised a few eyebrows. However, the skeptics were quieted once Fromberg, president of Fromberg Associates in Austin, and representatives of construction manager Kencon Constructors, San Antonio, brought an entourage of board members and administrators to another school district to see how fabric ducts were working there.

The Florence project's consulting engineer, Gil Kent, PE, president of M/E/P engineer Kent Consulting Engineers, Austin, was no stranger to fabric duct either after specifying it on over two dozen projects. While Fromberg likes the streamlined aesthetics, Kent specifies fabric ducts because of cost-saving benefits as well as performance characteristics.

Kent specified DuctSox commercial-grade Verona fabric duct with Comfort Flow air dispersion that allows 85% of the air to flow evenly through linear vents spanning the entire length of the duct while the remaining 15% flows through the fabric to eliminate condensation and surface dust accumulations. The DuctSox system greatly reduced the building's cooling load.


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