Durable panels fit for the Rockies

January 01, 2007 |

Functioning as owner, developer, architect, and general contractor, Jonathan Saiber, president of SaiberSaiber Architecture in Cherry Creek, Colo., designed and built his firm's headquarters, a four-story mixed-use building that functions as his private residence, offices for the firm and other tenants, and retail space.

Saiber designed the lower portion of the building using stone curtain wall. “We actually imported limestone from a quarry in India where it was machined and cut,” Saiber said. “Getting just the right color was critical to me. The seriousness of the stone curtain wall contrasts well with the playful feeling that the Rheinzink panels provide.”

Rheinzink is a titanium zinc alloy used for architectural cladding of roofs and façades. Saiber's design included more than 6,000 sf of 0.8mm horizontal-angled standing-seam Rheinzink wall panels finished in pre-weathered graphite gray.

Rheinzink Input No. 273 at BDCnetwork.com/quickResponse

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