Concrete floor finish system enables freeform design

December 01, 2007 |

When planning an upscale, 77,000-sf store, Reasor's, a full-service independent supermarket chain in northeastern Oklahoma, aimed for a colorful and attention-grabbing, high-performance finish for its concrete flooring. The chain wanted a floor that would not only stand up over time, but also carry minimal long-term maintenance costs. Management also wanted to incorporate geometric and freeform shapes in the floor to encourage shopper traffic to various departments.

The solution was the FGS Perma-Shine concrete floor finishing system from L&M Construction Chemicals. The system dyes, dry polishes, and chemically hardens and densifies the floor, permanently changing the composition of the top wear surface to improve durability. Maintenance costs are reduced by up to 65% compared to other flooring options, according to the maker. The water-based, solvent-free hardener/densifier chemically reacts with components of the concrete floor, enabling it to breathe so there is no water vapor build-up, and leaves no film to scratch, chip, peel, discolor, or otherwise deteriorate.

The finished floor meets the National Floor Safety Institute standards for certification as a “high traction” floor that retains its non-slip qualities even when wet. In addition, the floor complies with ADA and OSHA requirements for interior floor surfaces.

The polished concrete also can help owners gain up to five LEED credits, according to L&M.

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