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Stitch up

Carbon-fiber grid stitches repair the cracks in concrete in minutes without the risk of future rusting. The stitches are applied across the face of the crack and then distributed away from the glue line to the portion of the substrate that is not fractured, preventing fatigue and re-cracking at the injection glue line.

Emecole Inc. Reader Service No. 202

Pour it on!

Wall system designed to create poured-in-place insulated concrete walls without requiring disposable form panels, special foam, or additional hardware expense. The Comfort Wall System contains T-stud and a corner piece, allowing contractors to use their own forming equipment, ties, and foam. One crew can form, insulate, pour, and strip the entire concrete wall. Can be used for above- and below-grade walls.

Western Forms Reader Service No. 204

Stuck on you

Construction-grade epoxy adhesive used to bond fresh concrete to fresh or old concrete and metals to hardened concrete is moisture and chemical resistant. Rezi-Weld 1000 is mixed with sand or aggregates, and therefore may be used to patch spalls or defects in concrete as well. The self-welding material is available in quart, gallon, two-gallon, and 10-gallon quantities. The adhesive is color-coded, unitized, and pre-measured to assure proper mixing. According to the manufacturer, a thin film coating of Rezi-Weld 1000, sprinkled with sand or grit, will become a non-skid, durable interior topping.

W.R. Meadows Reader Service No. 203

Quick-drying touch up

SikaQuick 1000 mortar is a one-component, quick-hardening cementitious patching material for parking-structure repairs. Freeze/thaw resistant, not gypsum-based, specially suited for hot-weather applications when extended working time is required. The mortar allows application of an epoxy coating within six hours and can be open to foot traffic within four hours.

Sika Reader Service No. 208

Concrete protection

Galvanic coating is easily applied by spray, brush, or roller. Zinc-rich urethane coating GalvaCorr is electronically connected to the rebar and utilizes special additives to promote electrical flow to retard corrosion. Used to treat balconies, parking decks and ramps, building foundations, and concrete piers. According to the manufacturer, the coating will provide 5-7 years of cathodic protection.

Cortec Corp. Reader Service No. 209

Tilt-up sealant

Weatherproofing sealant for tilt-up concrete construction is a one-part, moisture-cure, low-modulus 100% silicone joint sealant that provides watertight seals, especially in building joints that experience extreme movement. The Tilt-Up Weatherproofing Sealant offers unprimed adhesion to concrete and masonry substrates and has an extension/compression capability of +- 50%. It can be used for sealing joints between tilt-up concrete walls, joints surrounding window and door openings in tilt-up concrete walls, and EIFS joints. Available in six colors.

Dow Corning Reader Service No. 206

Precast stands up

The North Carolina Department of Corrections built three new, 1,000-cell, high-security prisons in less than 24 months by using a modular methodology, in which the precast modular cells, control rooms, and administrative offices were built off premises and shipped to the site to be connected. The three facilities are identical in design, layout, and installed systems and equipment. The precast modules were outfitted with furniture, lighting, electrical components, and plumbing.

Oldcastle Precast Modular Group Reader Service No. 207

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