April 01, 2004 |

Curved flight

The Rotunda at the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas was renovated with lay-in metal panels, which follow the contours and curves of the its unusual ceiling. A crew laid out the entire ceiling grid pattern right on the scaffolding platform and, using pocket lasers, raised each piece into position overhead. Paraline Linear metal Ceiling System panels were installed, while Curvatura 3-D Ceiling main tee segments were fastened to the original ceiling.


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Formaldehyde-free insulation tiles

Formaldehyde-free acoustic insulation ceiling tile line is available in three versions. The Whispertone Wallboard XG is manufactured through the combination of fibers bonded with a special formaldehyde-free thermosetting resin to produce structurally rigid board-type insulation. The Whispertone Trackboard XG is a fiber glass board constructed from highly resilient flame-attenuated glass fibers with mat facers on one or both surfaces. The Acoustic XG and Microlite XG fiber glass equipment insulation are lightweight and highly resilient blanket-type thermal and acoustical insulation made of flame-attenuated glass givers bonded with a formaldehyde-free thermosetting resin. For commercial and industrial applications, the tiles are white in color.

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Ceiling stripes

The 360,000-sf adidas Village in Portland, Ore., installed Squareline standard Metal Ceiling Tiles to add a new look to the reception area, conference rooms, and various office spaces. The tiles, available in two patterns and several color combinations, are made of galvanized, powder-coated, expanded metal and are pre-bonded with Class 1 fire-rated willtec FM foam. The willtec foam absorbs 55 to 80% of the sound that reaches the tiles. "We put Squareline tiles in places that get notice, places where we want to make an impression with clients or the general public," said Owen Clemens, special projects director for adidas. "We really like the way they look. Plus, they control sound and are cost effective." The project's design team included Boora Architects, LRS Architects, R&H Construction, KPFF Consulting Engineers, and David Evans & Associates.

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Click and choose

Interactive web site ceiling selector allows architects and designers to view 46 different ceiling tile styles and patterns along with all available features and options in minutes. Once a specific ceiling tile is chosen, the selector instantly shows a photo of the texture and provides details on surface finish, available tile sizes, relative installed cost, warranties, and other information. Technical specifications such as light reflectance, fire resistance, and sound absorption are also displayed. When a ceiling tile is selected, by clicking the mouse, the designer can see room sets, order a tile sample, and download a specification.



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Educational sky

School Zone Fine Fissured line of ceilings for educational facilities feature 30% more impact resistance than standard ceilings, a noise reduction coefficient of .70, and a ceiling attenuation class of 40. Providing a medium-textured, nondirectional visual, so both high-durability and high-acoustic panels with a similar visual can be used in the same facility. Available in 24x24-inch and 24x48-inch sizes, with a square lay-in, beveled tegular, or angled tegular edge detail, the tiles are sag-resistant and are treated with BioBlock, a fungicide paint that inhibits the growth of mold and mildew on the painted surface of the ceiling panels. Made from 55% recycled content, the panels have a light reflectance value of .85 as well.


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