BAS and Security

July 01, 2002 |

Programmed for efficiency

The 225,000-sq.-ft. Mercy Medical Center in Canton, Ohio, updated its building automation system technology to include one main workstation and several PCs used by the facilities management staff for remote operation, making the building more energy efficient. Night setback and holiday scheduling were programmed into the BAS, as well as a gateway that monitors power usage to help lower long-term costs.


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Central control

School intercom system incorporates electronic communications, paging and bell events, and classroom emergency calls. An audio control interface is programmed in conjunction with the school's master clock to allow for synchronized bell signals for class change and other activities. Classroom stations can be programmed to place group calls or all-calls. The Spectrum provides full-duplex, non-blocking voice communication and allows all tone-bell events to perform on a single system.

Jeron Electric Systems Inc.

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Hand Reader

Access control system measures the length, width, thickness and surface area of a person's hand and then uses that template to program additional hand readers throughout the facility. LockLink Express also specifies time periods authorized for access and allows for real-time, on-screen monitoring. The unit is Windows 2000 compatible and is easy to install.


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Flying high

Grand Rapids, Mich.'s Gerald Ford International Airport recently updated its chillers, boiler plants, air handling units, lighting and zone controllers to be monitored and controlled by a LonWorks-based BAS. The system features both remote and on-site monitoring capability, providing energy management and lower utility costs. It is designed to automatically show the source of fault when an alarm is triggered in the facility. A link is then opened to a file of recommended measures a facility manager should take to rectify the fault. The alarm overview shows the triggered, reset and acknowledged alarms, sorting them according to specified requirements in terms of time, priority, alarm text, category and user. A time delay is normally set to avoid faults.


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Digital control systems

Digital control system enables self-contained air-conditioning units to be easily integrated with most BAS. The Micro Tech II DDC System is factory-installed and tested and can be configured for constant air volume, 100 percent outside air and dehumidification control. A display reports temperatures, pressures, operating states, alarm messages, set points, control parameters and schedules. It provides floor-by-floor cooling for multistory construction or renovation. Available in sizes from 15 to 125 tons, the unit provides low installed cost and economical operating cost. It is engineered to reduce noise vibration, as its low sound levels have been verified in independent laboratory tests and over 10 years of field application.

McQuay International.

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Chime in

Door entry controller accommodates up to four door phones and operates on regular phone lines. The controller provides different distinct tones to identify which door phone or keypad is initiating the call. The user can then switch back and forth between a call in progress and the door phone. The C-2000 system is best for commercial buildings, rental offices and multihousing complexes. Additionally, it provides up to four keyless entry codes and one master code. Reprogramming can be done from any phone in the system. The auxiliary relay can be used to activate lighting, video or sound recording systems and alarm systems. The C-2000 can accept a momentary logic level and produce a timed relay activation.


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Video survey

Real-time video monitoring and recording system is housed in servers, making the technology easy to incorporate into corporate networks. It can record at speeds of up to 25 frames per second. The iView server can support up to four cameras. Multiple servers can be used together to accommodate additional cameras.

Salient Systems Corp.

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Surveillance tool

Time-lapse video recorder is designed for 24-hour surveillance in business system applications. The HS-9424U has a job/shuttle dial for easy programming and playback and an on-screen menu available in English, French and Spanish languages. Also included are multiple security locks, time-date search, and high-speed fast forward and rewind. Record and playback functions are provided in standard VHS two-hour and six-hour modes, along with 12- and 24-hour time lapse with linear audio in all modes. It has an improved deck, narrower heads and a pre-amp circuit for greater reliability and better picture quality.


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Phone-enabled control

Web-based automation system allows controller to access and control building information from any computer or Web-enabled cell phone. Key features of WebCTRL include hierarchical scheduling, thermo graphic color floor plans and fire/security alarm management.

Automated Logic Corp.

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High resolution

Color surveillance camera series automatically switches from color to ultra-sensitive black and white operation to provide high resolution images at different times of the day and night. The WV-CL920 series can also be used with infrared light sources to capture images when there is virtually no visible light. It also features electronic light control to accommodate the use of inexpensive fixed lenses, a built-in motion detector to help reduce installation costs and a built-in alphanumeric character display for camera ID.


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Keyed entry

Keypad with backlit keys for use in both indoor and outdoor applications mounts directly to mullion doorframes or any flat surface that does not require a back box. A separate doorbell key and keypad are included.

Access Hardware Supply.

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Access control

Keypads for small and medium-sized facilities support up to 16,000 cardholders and are available in both two- and four-door kits. Topaz incorporates a photo ID badging package, interactive graphical maps, CCTV and the ability to support entry and exit delay times for use as an intrusion detection system.

InfoGraphics System.

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Consummate controller

Controller with Internet-based remote capability comes with Web server software, graphics tools and management utilities. It is ideal for use in factories and for control of general building machinery and equipment. Major components operate like standard control panel elements.

Diamond Systems Corp.

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Controls integration

The new building automation system at the Bernalillo County (N.M.) Courthouse integrated the automated HVAC controls, fire alarms, access control, security and the communications infrastructure into one workstation. The Metasys system was able to meet the requirements of the 272,000-sq.-ft. courthouse, which opened last August, while saving the county about 25 percent in energy costs.

Johnson Controls.

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