Aluminum panels transform Lear Jet's main office

June 01, 2007 |

Approximately 6,000 sf of Citadel Envelope 2000 aluminum composite material panels were used to transform Lear Jet's dilapidated main office building in Wichita, Kan., into a sparkling customer service center.

“The appearance of the old building just didn't fit the Lear Jet image,” said Rob Eggert, project architect with Law/Kingdon, Wichita, which redesigned the facility. “We knew Citadel panels had been used on another job in the area and we liked the clean, modern 'aircraft look' they provided.”

Installation of the panels was done by general contractor Conco Construction and Martin Roofing Co., both based in Wichita.

The wing canopy was the biggest challenge, according to Chris Foley, VP with Martin Roofing Co. “The goal was to make the canopy look as much like an aircraft wing as possible. We switched to smaller panels near the end of the wing to achieve the pointed effect.”

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