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AIA National Convention & Design Expo

June 01, 2005 |

A record 24,444 design professionals gathered in Las Vegas last month for the 137th AIA National Convention and Design Expo, held May 18–22 at the Mandalay Bay convention center. Highlights included a colorful demonstration of the blending of art, architecture, and engineering by Santiago Calatrava, 2005 AIA Gold Medal winner, and a riveting conversation with Las Vegas mega-developer Steve Wynn at his new 50-story, $2.7 billion resort-casino.

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Blast-Resistant Glass

Line of aluminum-framed windows meet GSA's Level 2 performance standard for blast resistance. Available in a variety of styles, including casement, projected, fixed, and single- and double-hung, and in three frame depths: 2¼, 3½, and 4 inch.

Graham Architectural Products. Reader Service No. 209

Bring Some Illumination to Your Glass

Glass system incorporates light-emitting diodes that illuminate the glass surface in any number of colors. LightPoints LED Glass features a transparent glass conductor plate that permits electricity to travel throughout the entire piece of glass, which means there are no visible wires. Applications: skylights, glass curtain wall, elevator ceilings, and signage. Available in sizes up to 51×95 inches.

Schott. Reader Service No. 203

Copper Sans Patina

Anodized finish maintains its initial bright copper color and will not patine over time. The finish can be applied to aluminum materials either before fabrication, such as for window and door frames, or after fabrication, for louvers. Also resists salt run-off stains and galvanic corrosion.

Linetec. Reader Service No. 201

Corian Comes Out of the Kitchen

Commonly specified for kitchen countertops, Corian is now available as an exterior cladding. The durable, weather-resistant material can be custom fabricated into a number of panel sizes and exterior details, including column covers, soffits, and fascia. More than 110 colors and a variety of textures are available.

DuPont. Reader Service No. 210

No More Elevator Machine Room

Elevator system features an in-shaft hoist machine that eliminates the need for a traditional machine room, saving up to 60 sf of leasable interior space. ISIS replaces traditional steel cable with thinner, stronger Kevlar rope, which permits the use of a smaller, more energy-efficient machine that can be located in the pit or hoistway.

ThyssenKrupp Elevator. Reader Service No. 204

Heat is on

Window system incorporates glass lites that can heat up to 100 degrees F, eliminating drafts, cools spots, condensation, and frost. Thermique Hot Glass features a transparent thin-film conductor that creates a uniform heating surface across the entire pane of glass. By heating the exterior windows of a building, the thermostat can be lowered up to 5 degrees F without any noticeable change in comfort levels, according to the maker. Applications include radiant-heated exterior curtain walls and shelves for food service/preparation.

Engineered Glass Products. Reader Service No. 207

Add Some Color to Your Step

Escalator line is available with a variety of color options for steps, handrails, skirts, decks, and truss cladding. The 9300 Advanced Edition also comes with microprocessor controls for smooth and reliable operation.

Schindler Elevator Corp. Reader Service No. 205

Conducive to Clean Rooms

ESD-control flooring line protects everything from clean and computer rooms to electronics, fiber optics, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. StatProtect and StatDefend are engineered to dissipate static charges, meeting all ESD standards by ASTM F-150, NFPA 99, and ESD S7.1. Flooring can withstand permanent indentation under rolling load conditions up to 2,000 pounds per square inch, has very low out-gassing for clean rooms, and resists the effects of common chemicals.

Roppe. Reader Service No. 219

On a Roll

Automated roller shade system features a compact profile, allowing it to be housed in smaller window jambs and pockets. Sivoia QED 64's electronic drive fits into a tube just 1 5/8 inches in diameter, which can accommodate a small 3½×3½-in. installation pocket. The low-voltage drive offers near-silent operation (44 db at three feet) and can be controlled and programmed to a variety of stop points. Sivoia also links to lighting control systems to provide control of all the light in a space.

Lutron. Reader Service No. 208

Rain-Resistant Louver

Four-in.-deep, horizontal louver is tested to be 99% water-resistant when subjected to wind-driven rain of up to 50 mph. SCH4 is the latest edition to the Storm Class line, which includes 5-, 6-, 7-, and 8-in.-deep louvers rated for wind-driven rain performance.

Airolite. Reader Service No. 206

Open for Business

Floor-to-ceiling glass wall system for retail and restaurant applications can be opened in a matter of minutes to expand seating areas and add ambiance to the interior space. Supported by hidden overhead tracks and a single floor track, NanaWall panels stack out of sight and provide a weather-tight seal when closed. Available in dozens of stacking configurations, frame styles, and colors.

Nana Wall Systems. Reader Service No. 202

Healthy Shade

Solar shade cloth is composed of a thermoplastic olefin-based yarn and coating that are completely recyclable. Typical shade cloths are hybrids of a PVC jacket and fiberglass or polyester core yarns, which are rarely separated for reuse. EcoVeil is less prone to edge fraying and is three times lighter that traditional PVC/polyester screen cloth, allowing larger shades to be lifted without a motor.

MechoShade. Reader Service No. 211

Cooler on Top

Self-adhered modified-bitumen roofing membrane provides an initial solar reflectance of 0.65 and thermal emittance of 0.79, meeting the minimum requirements of EnergyStar and the Cool Roof Rating Council.

Polyglass. Reader Service No. 213

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