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Product roundup: Paints + coatings

Duranar Sunstorm from PPG, Fluropon from Valspar, and Extreme Cover from Sherwin-WIlliams are just three of the 12 products highlighted in BD+C's September Product Roundup.

September 18, 2017 |
The Writers Theatre in Glencoe, Ill.

When it comes to paints and coatings, these 12 products stand out among the rest.



Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore century paint on a wall in a room

This ultra-premium paint collection includes 75 colors inspired by natural elements such as minerals, gems, spices, herbs, and plants. The line features the company’s new Soft Touch Matte finish, which offers a tactile experience similar to that of a soft leather glove. Colors range from mid-tone to dark shades. Made in small batches and pre-mixed and sealed to ensure the truest color.


2. StoGuard Gold Coat TA

Sto Corp.

The StoGuard Gold Coat TA, a trowel-applied vapor-permeable air battier membrane

This trowel-applied vapor-permeable air barrier membrane is designed for application under continuous insulation wall systems. The seamless, low-VOC membrane is applied directly to vertical above-grade wall sheathing and concrete masonry. It also functions as a waterproof air barrier when combined with StoGuard joint and rough opening treatment. Ready-mixed for easy application.


3. Series 1095 Endura-Shield


The Golden 1 Center, home of the Sacramento kings

The new home of the NBA’s Sacramento Kings, Golden 1 Center, is the first indoor sports arena to achieve LEED Platinum certification. Among the green features is Series 1095 Endura-Shield, a low-VOC coating used to protect and enhance the facility’s massive hangar doors and exposed structural steel members. The aliphatic acrylic polyurethane coating also offers color and gloss retention.




A worker spraying Sopraseal LM 204 VP on a wall

This one-component, low-odor, vapor-permeable, liquid-applied polyether air barrier provides excellent air infiltration and moisture protection, while also offering ease of use in low- and high-temperature applications, according to the maker. A fully adhered, monolithic membrane option provides a continuous air barrier that works well even in applications where conformity to complex geometries is needed.


5. Duranar Sunstorm


The 221-foot air traffic control tower at San Francisco International Airport

The new 221-foot air traffic control tower at San Francisco International Airport features a metal-and-glass façade twisted into the shape of a torch. Fentress Architects specified Duranar Sunstorm coatings for the tower’s aluminum curtain wall framing and entrance systems. It features a color coat inflected with pearlescent flakes and a clear topcoat for resistance to chalking, fading, chipping, and peeling.


6. Brushed Stainless


A closeup of brushed stainless anodize

This anodize finish emulates the clean, bright surface and brushed pattern that architects and specifiers find desirable in stainless steel. Brushed Stainless anodize creates a similar look on aluminum, offering a cost-effective, lightweight option. The finish resists fingerprints and scratching, requires minimal maintenance, and offers wear and abrasion resistance, and stability to ultraviolet rays.


7. Fluropon


The Writers Theatre in Glencoe, Ill.

Designed by Studio Gang Architects, Writers Theatre in Glencoe, Ill., features an exterior aesthetic highlighted by a strategic blend of wood, concrete, and metal. The design team specified 6,200 sf of PAC-CLAD metal wall panels for the exterior, including aluminum sheets in Midnight Bronze. The metal was coated with Valspar’s Fluropon for color retention and consistency, and resistance to UV rays, dirt, stains, chalking, and the elements.


8. Extreme Cover


A can of Sherwin Williams Extreme Cover

This paint-and-primer solution offers blocking against common stains such as grease, grime, food, and cigarette smoke. It reduces the need for priming in multifamily, commercial property management, and residential repaint applications. Offers washability and scrubbability. Available in flat and eggshell sheens. Meets the industry’s most stringent VOC regulations with a <50 g/L VOC formulation.



w.r. meadows

Air-Shield TMP used on a new construction

This single-component, vapor-permeable, thin-film liquid membrane for both new construction and retrofit applications provides air and moisture control when applied to most common surfaces. It cures and forms a durable, seamless elastomeric membrane. The UV-resistant, low-VOC coating can be applied to rough or smooth surfaces at temperatures of 20°F and higher, and can be left exposed for up to six months.


10. Bosti-set


A man riding an elevator

This one-component adhesive and sound reduction membrane is designed for thin porcelain tile panel installations. It provides instant grab and holding power with a single coat of adhesive on the back of the panel, speeding installation. Its workability allows panels to be repositioned for up to 30 minutes with no slip or sag. Recycled rubber particles mixed into the adhesive create optimal sound reduction performance.


11. Concrete Protector SB


A puddle of water on a concrete floor treated with Concrete Protector SB

Ideal for areas of high traffic or wheeled traffic, where surface film-forming sealers may prematurely wear off, this solvent-based, low-odor, VOC-compliant concrete coating offers robust initial water-beading and repellency on a variety of finished concrete floors. The coating can be burnished, and it repels water, oil, and stains. Treated surfaces retain their natural appearance, texture, and breathability.


12. Vandlguard


A bucket of VandlGuard Ten

This non-toxic anti-graffiti coating system protects surfaces from permanent staining and damage caused by commercially available spray paints. VandlGuard can be applied to any vertical or horizontal exterior surface and dries clear. The non-sacrificial formula sustains repeated graffiti removal for up to 10 years. It also prevents mildew, mold, fungus, and bacteria growth on building surfaces. Easy application (no mixing required).

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