Product roundup: 12 glazing and daylighting systems

SunGuard CrystalBlue from Guardian Industries, 8300 Series from Wausau Window and Wall, and YES 60 from YKK AP are just three of the 12 products highlighted in BD+C's April Product Roundup.

March 21, 2017 |

Incorporating natural daylight into new buildings is of ever-increasing importance. These 12 glazing and daylighting products offer innovative ways to get the most out of a project's windows and glass components.


1. SunGuard CrystalBlue

Guardian Glass

Available coated and uncoated at 6mm thickness in a variety of sizes, this light-blue float glass gives specifiers multiple options in achieving performance and aesthetic requirements. SunGuard CrystalBlue features a visible light transmittance of 58%, a U-value of 1.03, and a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.69. Its subtle-blue hue complements the sky, sea, and surroundings. 


2. StormWall XL 

CRL-U.S. Aluminum 

Hurricane-resistant curtain wall is engineered for design pressures up to +100/-100 psf and 15-psi static water resistance, providing protection against severe weather. It measures 21/2 x 71/2 inches and is glazed with 15/16-inch insulating laminated glass. Its continuous thermal spacer is interlocked within the horizontal and vertical pressure bars for improved thermal performance.


3. SunWave Daylighting System

Firestone Building Products 

This double-glazed, acrylic, prismatic-layered dome uses 4,000 prisms per sf to refract, direct, and diffuse sunlight into thousands of micro sunbeams. The system catches up to 20% more light at low angles than standard shapes and transmits light to the workplace area without producing glare or hot spots. Features an insulated, condensation-resistant, thermally broken frame.


4. EcoVeil Sheer Collection


This line of 100%-polyester, PVC-free shadecloth/window treatment is the first shadecloth/window treatment to meet the stringent Healthier Hospital Initiative Safer Chemicals Challenge. It’s also the first commercially available shadecloth that is able to pass NFPA 701 without requiring chemical flame retardants, says the maker. Available in 1% and 3% openness and stocked at 118 inches wide.


5. Fireframes ClearView

Technical Glass Products

This butt-glazed, fire-rated framing system eliminates the need for colored internal spacers or vertical mullions between adjoining pieces of glass. With a narrow 5mm vertical butt joint and nearly 10-foot heights, the system allows designers to create extensive fire-rated glazed walls with nearly colorless transitions between glass panels for greater vision and transparency within interior spaces.


6. 8300 Series

Wausau Window and Wall 

Custom window series is available in a variety of styles—fixed, project-in or project-out casements, awnings, and hopper vents—and has been tested to meet AAMA AW-100 standards, including the new AAMA 910-16 lifecycle testing to 4,000 operating cycles. The company also tested floating vent (pictured) and fixed floating vent configurations, achieving an AAMA AW-40 Performance Class rating. 



Vitro Architectural Glass

Solar-control, low-e glass is available with an array of tinted glasses, including blue, bronze, gray, and green tints. Solarban 90 is a quad-silver-coated glass that incorporates a fourth “nano-layer” that can be manipulated to control its reflectivity, color, and solar performance. In a standard one-inch IGU, the coating has a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.23 and a visible light transmittance of 51%.


8. Electrochromic Glass


Looking to solve heat gain and glare issues at the offices of its law firm client Advent, architect Purdy & Slack Associates specified electrochromic glass for the curtain wall at the firm’s 47,000-sf building in Omaha, Neb. In addition to improved employee comfort and views, the glazing will allow Advent to lease part of the building. SageGlass is available in a range of shapes, colors, and sizes up to 5x10 feet.


9. GPX Hurricane


The GPX Hurricane Wall and Door system is now listed with the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI). The fire-rated glass and framing system satisfies TDI’s criteria for protection from windborne debris in Inland I and Seaward Zones, with wind speeds up to 120 mph and 130 mph, respectively. The system also has complete Florida Product Approval and UL Certifications for Wind-Resistant Building Components.


10. YES 60


Designed to accommodate taller, wider storefront openings, allowing more natural light, the YES 60 line of storefronts can be specified in heights as tall as 14 feet. The three models—FI, TU, and XT—feature YKK AP’s sill flashing design, with no blind seals, a tall back leg for enhanced water resistance, and a patent-pending three-point attachment of the end dam. Options include side lite curtain wall covers and pre-engineered corners.


11. Daylight Dimmer

Solatube INTL.

Designed for high-bay commercial applications such as event spaces and sports arenas, the SkyVault Series line of tubular daylighting devices is available with a Daylight Dimmer. The units feature a 29-inch diameter to maximize daylight, and a butterfly baffle that reduces “flares” when opening/closing, provides even light distribution, and allows users to dim the system to near blackout, for presentations, movies, plays, etc.




Designed to meet the nation’s most rigorous energy codes, VNE-53 triple-silver, low-e coating features a visible light transmittance of 52% and a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.23 (on low-iron glass in a standard insulating unit). Its neutral-silver exterior appearance provides a consistent color both straight on and off-angle. Available for oversized architectural glass in sizes up to 130x236 inches.

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