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Pop-out window concept offers 'more sky' for multifamily dwellers

Windows in the More Sky system jut out the side of the building and fan out like an accordion.

November 03, 2015 |

Aldana Ferrer Garcia Hopper Niche concept. The window is part of the More Sky system. Images and video courtesy Aldana Ferrer Garcia

Ever look out of a window in a big city apartment? You don’t really get much of a viewing range. Seeing straight ahead is easy enough, and observing heights and depths in the distance is fine. But, what if you want to look at the sidewalk directly below? What if you want to peer at a helicopter floating above your building? Then you have to lean out the window, crane your neck and, Oh my goodness, don’t fall out!

Architect Aldana Ferrer Garcia has developed a window concept that allows for better sights. Designboom shows that her three window niches would be suitable for urban multifamily residences.

Windows in the More Sky system jut out the side of the building and fan out like an accordion. The Hopper Niche expands to allow people to sit in the window, recline, and see skywards. The Awning Niche tilts to let people hang out and look downwards. The Casement Niche spins out for a panoramic view. The windows are meant to connect urban residents with nature through the extra fresh air and sunlight.

The project was revealed at the inaugural Dubai Design Week event late last month.



Hopper Niche

Awning Niche 

Casement Niche


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