Polyaspartic Coating Technology Hits a Home Run at Florida Baseball Facility

March 2, 2017

Champion Stadium – Spring Training Facility of the Atlanta Braves – at Wide World of Sports Disney World was in trouble. Water was seeping through cracks in the concrete, and it was beginning to damage the superstructure. There was just one thing to do – call in the professionals.

Contractors Gary Roy and Marcy Roy of Shield Coatings and Waterproofing asked Ken Jane, president of Epoxy Floor Solutions Co., and Brad Higgins, East Coast director of technical support for Tufflex Inc., to look into the problem. After a thorough examination of the 125,000 square foot stadium, they discovered that a membrane between the structural concrete slab and the topping slab had failed in areas, allowing water to seep through. To stop the leaks they needed teamwork.